Random Acts of Kindness Caught on Film

This humbled me, made me smile and cry simultaneously…the small moments that people didn’t let get away and others will always remember.

12 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness Caught on Film”

  1. Mimi, the video was beautiful, but the whole cinematic library of Russian dashboard cams came about because the driving there is so heinous that normal citizens must video everything or fear being victimized twice: once by getting caught in a crash, and second by the insurance company not treating them fairly afterward. On YouTube you can search for Russian dashboard videos and see what I mean. Not the National Geographic perspective.

    1. Hi Lynne, I have been to Moscow and though arguably that represents a limited understanding of an entire country, I realize what the circumstances are under which these video clips were made – and why. Everything involved with driving – from merely getting gas to parking one’s car was a risk (we had both a driver and security person at the firm for the purposes of transporting people from one office to another) and was somewhere on tape. Granted this was years ago, but I do see your point. That said, I did feel that the unsolicited acts of caring for others was touching and sincere.

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