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With Props To Ashton Kutcher

It’s kind of hard for me to give props to someone I don’t know much about nor have followed for his artistry or contributions to humanity.  To me he’s a cute guy who is starring in “Jobs” – and that just opened here yesterday, so how familiar should I be?  Oh yeah, he was married to Demi Moore – someone else I haven’t befriended (well, in fairness she hasn’t befriended me either, so…).

Anyway, this video is traveling the circuit that arguably could have been the Borscht Belt circuit before technology.   Although he was reaching out to a screaming bunch of teenagers (and skip the first 1 min 44 seconds unless you like to listen to hysteria), the message is ageless.  As we weave our own stories, jumping in and out of costume changes as we try on new iterations of ourselves…wondering how to make our next chapters meaningful while we re-define its definition…This is for us too.  Happy Saturday all.


38 thoughts on “With Props To Ashton Kutcher”

  1. I have new respect for Chris Ashton–there is a depth there that I am glad is coming out–he is not just cute (although I appreciate that) and I love his line that opportunity looks like hard work–his message was given to the right audience but it suits a wider audience as well

    1. I thought so too Louann (cute, right message to an audience that usually doesn’t hear that kind of commentary except at graduations and still applicable to a broader group as well).

  2. Well, well, well…perhaps Chris *is* more than just a pretty face…who knew?! Great share, M, and a great message for those kids to hear (assuming any of them stopped shrieking long enough to listen). 😉

  3. I, too, haven’t really followed his career; just another pretty face so I thought. I caught this as it made its way through cyber space and actually thought maybe there still is hope that this generation will have positive role models coming from a generation not too far from their own. A wonderful wake up call for the cynical side of my persona. Love you for the cup of positivity this AM – and always

    1. That ‘cynical’ side of your persona is hardly discernible..But I too found it hopeful that he used an award show for kids to put these thoughts out there. Hope you’re having a good day sweetie..xoxo

  4. That was amazing. So on pointe. Smart–generous–thoughtful. Be these things. And the idea of building a life appeals to me so immensely right now, especially right now…Maybe that’s what I reallly need to do right now–build the area where i fit in.

    Being thoughtful is so important, and one thing I need to always work on…

    Mimi, this video was great and inspired and seemed so sincere. I have always liked…Chris.

    1. I enjoyed the video for similar reasons – that it spoke to the kids in the audience and to me – a much older iteration. 😉 To hear an emotional plea to be smart and giving and considerate in our actions – that these be our priorities as we move through our days. A good reminder on any day – to any one.

  5. I only really know about him from his Nikon camera commercials [that’s the kind of camera I use, so really, the commercials are to me much more about the camera than than the boy…] but I know he’s some kind of heart-throb! His message is great and just made my day to hear someone with his cutie-pie status and street-cred with the teens share a message so inspiring and important for all of us! I love his definition of sexy – it’s spot on!! Thanks for posting this – I had seen it circulating but took the time to watch/listen because you posted it!! xoxo

  6. Wow, Ashton! I’m so glad to have seen a celebrity being real for once, and in such an inspiring way. Thank you so much for posting.

  7. Wow, Mimi; all I can say is who knew? Thanks for finding and sharing this. Not only was it a great message but now we know Chris Ashton Kutcher as never before. It’s always nice to discover something special about someone you were indifferent about.

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