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For All The Dads

Some men know that they want to be dads – the-kind-who-are-always-there – dads.  Today is your day.  Some men know that they will never be as flummoxed as when an adolescent girl attenuates her irritation over nothing by intoning “D-a-a-a-a-d” with dramatic flair reminiscent of Sarah Bernhardt and Camille.

For every dad who first danced with his daughter by having her stand on his shoes (and there was a time when shoes were polished, but let’s not go there).  The dad who threw pitch after pitch, went to every game, and in an act of incredible love and extreme foolishness continued to try to impart guidance and direction to ears and minds that were destined to follow their own path (as it should be).

For Andy, my favorite father-in-law and brothers-in-law, for David and Bill and Russ and Ben and all those friends of ours out there whose love for their children (and fur kids) is so palpable I can almost match the beat of my own heart to yours.  It is a delight to honor you today.

And for the dad of all dads (at least in my eyes) – my own.  Whether I was hanging upside down on the bunk bed pretending to be dead (I was eight, it was a gag – it didn’t work), looking for grapes in a bowl of Cheerios, walking to school with you almost every day for twelve years (and then commuting with you into the city), or watching the unadulterated mutual adoration between you and your grandsons – you were an amazing, involved, funny, smart, occasionally snarky, willing, curious, surprise-filled, loving dad.  And I still think of you as ‘daddy’ – and you’ve been gone for nine years.  But it’s your day too – and I miss you and celebrate you today.


37 thoughts on “For All The Dads”

  1. You did it again. Brought me back to a moment that moved me to a tear (For every dad who first danced with his daughter by having her stand on his shoes)…thank you Mimi

  2. I must admit this one brought tears; the bittersweet kind. Today we celebrate all the wonderful dads and aren’t we lucky out husbands fall into a category akin to “winning the lottery” for our kids and for us It is, however, the two dads who will not be physically present today that brings that wistful tinge of sadness, the blatantly empty chair at the table. As I tear up a bit, I gratefully acknowledge and absolutely celebrate those two. For they set the bar high and yet, we finally stood tall enough to reach it. So to all the dads, and to Jack and Murray – Happy Fathers Day with love. And, to you my friend- all there is. May the day be filled with magic and memories that will make you smile.

  3. There is something magical about being “daddy’s little girl.” It doesn’t matter how “old” the little girl gets.
    Your dad also gave you the beautiful smile that you wear every day. That is his gift to all of us.

  4. That was beautiful. Thank you from me, and from the man who bestowed the crown of princess on your head. He taught you so much, and he gave you more. I’m sure, somewhere up above, he is looking down upon you today (and everyday), and smiling that impish smile, with that special gleam in his eyes.

  5. We celebrated Fathers day yesterday and I realized afterwards it was a perfect day. HFD to all the dads, and especially my sweet husband, Bill, who is such an awesome grandpa!

  6. Thank you for the beautiful post. i embrace every moment with my 88 year old dad, who I still call Daddy. I am also so grateful for his great health. Here’s to all the wonderful fathers in the world and the ones who left their legacies behind. Have a great day!

  7. Took me exactly where I needed to go….to all the wonderful memories and to making the most of the time we have left. Thanks Mim…Happy Father’s Day to the Mane Man for me. (ps…you have your father’s smile.) xoxo

    1. Laughing…people have said that there’s this thing called the Jerome smile that can identify a majority of the clan. Yup – I’ve got his smile – just would love to see his again..xox

  8. When I read your posts it is as though I’m watching the favorite parts of my favorite movie, or reading the best parts of my favorite book. Your posts are so warm and inviting, like a family gathering when everything is just right. A celebration of life and love!

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