Dust if you must – N’er a truer word spoken!

A must read as we go into the weekend…enjoy every moment!

17 thoughts on “Dust if you must – N’er a truer word spoken!”

  1. Soo so true, she says, as she parks herself in a sunny spot on the stairs and pours herself a wee glass of wine. It’s 5 p somewhere in the world right now, right?! 🙂

    Thx for sharing sweet friend…

    Xo, l

  2. I’m sure this includes all mundane chores, like “can’t mop your way to a mountain top”; etc.? haha

  3. This is what I tried to convince my mother of for years!! So, now it’s my job to live it, right? Lori, pass the wine, please? Happy weekend Mims! xoxo

  4. Yes, time to put the duster aside and sit and enjoy the sunshine …. again.
    Wait a minute, I have been doing that for some time now, and the thick dust is accumulating.

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