60 about 60

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Ian Martin at 60

Ian Martin is a British author, writer for Oscar-nominated film In the Loop, major contributor to The Thick of It and has written for radio and newspapers.  He shares his thoughts about turning 60.  A few excerpts:

1. People who “hate getting old” are idiots. Every year is a privilege. Let me tell you, callow miserabilists: getting to 60 feels like a triumph. I have no idea how I made it this far, but I am very grateful…

4. For instance. It was 1968. Early summer evening, a Saturday. My mate and I were hitching home in the Essex countryside. We got a lift from a happy couple in a boaty car that smelled of leather and engine oil. We were 15, they were proper old, 20-ish. Relaxed and so very much in love. They treated us as equals, laughed at our jokes, we smoked their cigarettes. Walk Away Renee by the Four Tops came on the radio. We all sang along to the…

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19 thoughts on “60 about 60”

  1. Glad to hear that there’s more regard for maturity these days in your country. I’ll never forget this advertisement I heard when I was visiting the states. “Live young, you’re in the Pepsi Generation”. I had the impression that people were actually worshiping youth…

    1. I think the Baby Boomer generation is once again driving much fo the marketing efforts in the U.S. And now that we are no longer the ‘Pepsi Generation’, we will amend our perspective accordingly, so that we bring the appropriate regard for our ages (which undoubtedly is overdue and driven by a collectively self-oriented perspective)

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