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How A Child Sees The World

Out of the mouths of babes…what a fascinating, lovely, intelligent boy.  Enjoy

31 thoughts on “How A Child Sees The World”

      1. Oh smart answer ! I had a friend who told me he used to drive his mom nuts with the question ‘Why’ for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. They should’ve been playmates.

  1. Great find. Since wisdom can only be obtained through the doing rather than books, and children are constantly “doing” they will appear wiser than the adults. The video with no music would have been better.

  2. Children are much smarter than society perceives them to be. I think one of the worse things, we (including myself), adults do is not to cultivate their natural intelligence and force them to conform to our reality. Can you imagine what the world would be like if a child was able to simply learn the basics and explore thereafter, to think on their own and to be able to, like the book, Conversations with God suggests, learn concepts instead of subjects? It would be a whole new world. I really believe that. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video.

  3. I think this child, and maybe his friend too, are crystal children… the new sort of children who are being born with wisdom and knowing that are far in advance of our old paradigms of thought and understanding.

  4. Incredible! This is probably how Einstein and da Vinci were as children. Such an inspiration. Thanks for finding and sharing him.

  5. Neat kid! Thanks for sharing it. One thing that did strike me is “maybe I’m wrong.” To be able to explore thoughts and state theories AND admit to not having all the answers. Some adult philosophers could learn from him. 8) I may start asking more kids their theories!

  6. I’d seen this one, & interestingly, read in some comments that ‘what if the boy is just saying all he has been taught from his folks & is not free thinking this way’ and it really, really stunned me still. It was possible….

    But it remains, it’s a great capture.

    1. I agree…and if he heard all of this from is parents than hats off to them – they’re engaging their son in some pretty meaningful conversation…

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