A poem that resonates with many I know and love…and you know who you are. Have a fantastic day – thank you for being here. Much love, m

Another Lovely Day

"silhouette and sunset" ~ sld

(a letter of self-worth)

Yes you, you who thinks you are not enough.

You who tries tirelessly
to do everything you can to show that you are deserving of love,
worthy to be here in this world,
but always worrying that it is not enough.
You that feels it is what you are able to do that shows your value instead of who you are. This letter is for you.

Because here is the thing –
the day you were born the world sang;
for never before was there anyone like you, magnificent you,
just for being.

So now as you try to fill your days doing things that make you feel valuable the truth is:
your true value is in being the one and only you.

No matter your successes,
your failures,
the way you choose to live your life. You are Enough.

I know you think that all…

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15 thoughts on “”

  1. Perfection. Words worthy of embracing and holding close. And, to quote Lori, “resonate, I’m positively vibrating”, while the smile starts at me lips and ends deep in my soul. ❤

  2. Perfection in words…what a wonderful message for so many of us. I too, am with Lori and Jo and finding more than resonance with this beautiful tribute to knowing when we are enough. That we ARE enough. Thank you for sharing this…xoxo

  3. Seems I sent this message to the wrong place this morning…Guess the coffee wasn’t strong enough 😉 Here it is again and hope you had that great day!!
    Thank You Mimi for passing this one along. It made my day and as always you have started our day with a smile and a purpose, I have always loved the saying, “it’s not the destination, it’s the journey” so my friend, I wish you a fantastic day filled with love and laughter and seeing as it is early…the best cup of coffee on the planet!! Make it a great day sunshine!!

  4. Hi Kimmie,
    So happy to ‘see’ you – as always!! Given that it’s evening here, let me be the first to wish you a morning of glorious sunshine, smiles greeting you wherever you go, and laughter bubbling along for company…xx

  5. Just found all these lovely comments from a name search for something else. I’m so glad my words spoke to you. This poem really wrote itself and I can see its message bigger than I. Thanks for sharing.

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