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Annually Scheduled Maintenance


Hi there – just wanted you all to know that I’m going to be taking the karma truck in for an oil change and maintenance over the next couple of days.  With a little luck, we’ll be up and running before you even notice we’ve been on the hydraulic lift (so to speak) – perhaps with a new paint job!!  Given that I have no idea where to find the dipstick, these efforts should prove to be very interesting.  See you in a bit..


33 thoughts on “Annually Scheduled Maintenance”

  1. Laughing….I have a feeling that the Karma Truck will be roaring into action shortly after this little “tune-up,” cornering like a dream and tearing up the straightaway… Xoxo, l

      1. I can imagine. And let me add, the scheduled maintenance already performed, has the Karma Bus rollin’. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Change is a catalyst for growth. Confident that the tune up for the truck and the brief “rest” for its driver will only make the return of the truck to the highway better than ever. Take the time you deserve. To the moon and back…

  3. Good luck! I have a few tune ups I would like to do on my blog but chicken out everytime I even think of them. I am sure your karma truck will look and run amazingly once you are through checking each spark plug and shining the fenders.

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