You’ve Gotta Laugh..

..because otherwise, your facial expression would be far less attractive.

I received an email last week alerting me to the fact that I was going to be “Freshly Pressed”.  It was the ode to the stink bugs that piqued the interest of  the perusers of posts.  I was excited and more than a little surprised – I never expected to be selected and I certainly would never have expected to be selected for a short little ditty about my passionate disdain for this particular insect.

Anyway – it’s up on the Freshly Pressed page now.  And do you know what it’s under?  “More Entomology”.  Not “humor” – which may have something to do with my blog on occasion, not “life” – also not an unreasonable category.  Nope – I am now infamous for “more entomology”.  I’m sure this will drive my readership numbers through the roof and the sheer volume of people trying to read my blog will crash the system temporarily.

Oh well, it’s cool to be Freshly Pressed, I guess – though it’s a bit of a bummer to think that that little square on their page will be of no interest to anyone except those who are blogging about bugs.  The picture below is for all those who find these little guys fascinating.  I must admit, I liked him too.

To everyone else – I’m just going to keep writing about the things I always do.  And thank you for hangin’ out with me – without any reference to entomology.


  1. Congratulations, Mimi! I am sorry for their category choice, but I spoke of your stink bug post to my daughter just yesterday. She lives in Maryland, which is stink bug country, apparently. She hates them with a passion.

  2. Life is just too stinking funny sometimes, yes? 🙂 I love it because despite the seemingly random selection…more people will find you and will be treated to what what they might have missed otherwise. So, the irony is in thanking the thing we wished away! xoxo my lovely friend!

  3. Bug expert. Another impressive achievement. You will have to forgive me but I can’t refer to you as the bug lady – I have a bug man in Florida and, well I just can’t. Proud of you as always for your humor, your intelligence and your amazing ability to get to the heart of all you write about. Happy that you are “freshly pressed”, a rumply person is less apt to tackle the world with as much passion as you. And, those my dearest friend are simply a few of the many reasons holding you in my heart is a joy. Have an amazing day. xoxoxoxo

  4. Congratulations Mimi…the way I look at it, doesn’t matter what draws people to your site, once they get here they won’t want to leave. What bugs me (bonnie you are not the only punny one) is these fresh pressed buggers (there she goes again) have missed some of the best advice in the bloggosphere. oh well, no matter…you are my favorite bug lady and i’d take a bug hug from you anyday.

  5. Congrats! I was FP’d for a completely sarcastic post about my vacation – I had no idea what it even was. Make the most of it – people will find you and that makes the circle larger. Well deserved – even if it was about entomology.

  6. That made me laugh! Oh dear, it is so good to be freshly pressed but what a shame they really didn’t seem to look at what it was really about! Never mind – I am sure many of those who come and check you out will stay anyway! Good luck with your new found fame! 🙂

    • It is kinda funny though, don’t you think? A little poem about my arch enemies (though I don’t think they know it), placed under ‘entomology’? I hope people who are really interested in bugs aren’t disappointed when they realize that this was written by a devout ignoramus! xoxo

  7. First of all, congratulations on being freshly pressed. And after that, I can tell you, as a long time writer, that once we write something, it’s completely out of our hands. The people who read what we write, and like it, are not always the sort of people we would choose to converse with. Often their interests, opinions, and world view are far from our own. And what they choose as ‘our best’ is usually not what we think of as the best we’ve done. There is a pleasure in knowing that a lot of people are reading what we wrote, but there’s no point in having a lot of expectations. I suppose it’s one of the paradoxes of art; that enormous gap between the intimacy of our revealing our personal thoughts and emotions, and the mentality of many of the people who choose to read our words.

    • You are so right! And this is wise guidance, for it is exactly so – once it is shared, it is out of our hands and into the hands of many we will never know. How they interpret, enjoy – or not, is not known to the writer.

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