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Acceptance Speeches

When I was a teenager, I fully expected to win a Grammy, Tony, Oscar and an Emmy at some point or another.  I used to practice my acceptance speeches in the shower (typically after singing for the shower tiles, who as I have mentioned in the past, were always so appreciative they would sweat with enthusiasm).  Certainly I would look fabulous (proof enough that this was fantasy) and make sure to gracefully acknowledge everyone who contributed to the moment.  And I’d be witty and brief (further proof that this was self-indulgent make-believe), ensuring that I wouldn’t get cut off by music or a commercial.

And though I still tune in when an award show airs, I now find them to be almost as good as an Ambien.  I fall asleep after the first “Thank you so much!  I can’t believe it!!”  I’m sure some speeches are sincere, others may be funny – most are simply disingenuous.  And most of the recipients can’t move their faces any longer,  which makes it difficult to determine whether or not they are feeling anything at all.

I on the other hand have the joy of accepting awards that are given with far more generosity and sincerity.  This virtual community supports its members with acknowledgements that come from a lovely, honest place and I get pretty ferklempt (look it up in a Yiddish dictionary – ‘very emotional’ is probably close) when I am graced with one and permitted to pay it forward.

Renee@positiveboomer.net was kind enough to nominate me for two awards earlier this week.  I am very appreciative and grateful and a little embarrassed.  The embarrassed part is just me – you can just ignore that – it doesn’t diminish my thank you.  Renee and I share a slower, longer learning curve than most of you when it comes to anything technical.  And we both love Twinkies.  I love the joy in her posts – from the simple advice to the thoughtful expositions, the title of her blog suits her perfectly.

I’ve never been part of a Sisterhood before – though I have been asked to join the Sisterhood at our temple.  I have a sister who just rocks my universe, but in a family of  two sisters, I don’t think we had the numbers to qualify.  And I have a sister-in-law who I love very much..hmm..Anyway, I am now part of a larger Sisterhood and that is very cool.  I do wish though that the name of  this award could be changed so that it included men – for some of my favorite bloggers are men.  “Personhood” doesn’t sound very inviting … Something to think on..

Anyway, I believe the following bloggers are definitely Sisterhood material..

Deanna@deanaohara.com – her blog is titled ‘Redemption’s Heart’…








As for Inspirational?  I don’t see myself that way, and it is incredibly humbling to be so considered.  If something I write gives you a smile, or provokes a thought, a nod – I’m beyond happy.  To me the real inspiration is found in the friendships and conversations that seem to uniquely define the special group of people who I’ve met through this blog.  And I am to list seven…

David@davidkanigan.com – one of these days he is going to acknowledge an award from me.  Well, he may not, but he was the first person I started to follow when I began this little journey, so he’s just going to have to deal with it.









Please give yourself the treat of reading these wonderful blogs – and then you will know why I can’t seem to step away from my laptop.  I guess I went on longer than the two minutes accorded most acceptance speeches – thanks for not giving me the hook..



62 thoughts on “Acceptance Speeches”

  1. I do notice the amazing people in my life, Oh, I so very much notice them. YOU inspire me, and you are part of a sisterhood….so very much so. Congrats…well deserved, but that goes without saying, but I’ll say it again and again. And again. xoxo

  2. Yay…Your speech is so much better than the knuckleheaded ones we here on tv. Congrats Mim, and yes, very much deserved! Yayayaya Sisterhood United!
    Oh, and thank you for thinking of me…I will do as I always do…with sincere gratitude.

      1. well (grins from ear to ear) you made no mention of the number 7 having to be used more than once! 7 bloggers you say? I can do that!

      2. Gee Mim…will just have to wait for the next award that states the rules more clearly. Thankfully, it’s not yours! 🙂 Besides…do you know how LONG it would take to do 14 more? I’m still working on 4-7 of the last one!
        love you

      3. Fortunately, an unintended omission by one friend can be lovingly revealed by another. And you can definitely do more than the three you have outstanding – in fact, no one can do this better than you. xox love you too

  3. You are the first blogger to ever capture and keep my attention, and it is no wonder to all of us who follow you…you do exactly what you hope for. I am inspired by you because, at the very least, you provoke thought, smiles, peace and I can relate to every topic you blog about. Many times they correlate with my life and it amazes me. Like yesterday, when you wrote about your mother, I was thinking about how it was 12 years on 9/27 that my grandmother passed and how she will never leave my heart and soul. Now I understand how that kind of love does last. I almost lost my mom to heart failure in December, when she was 79, but fortunately, she made it to 80 on 9/21. I have been a little consumed with thinking of mortality and life in ways that I have never experienced before. I’ve been to 6 wakes since May, two of which were untimely and the others were family matriarchs. My struggle has been trying not to feel so ripped up over all the loss and trying to accept the inevitable. Many people say that its “our age”. Whatever it is, some life events are never welcome, but necessary and we must live while we are alive and carry our lost loved ones close to us on another level.
    Your blog truly helps, because you are focused on what is important in life and feed the soul. You are a giver. Thank you every day and and your fellow bloggers, who I look forward to reading.

    1. I am beyond words Fran..thank you so much. To think that I have touched your life and that our parallels are so profound, makes your support and kindness all the more special. Thank you thank you thank you – I hope never to disappoint you..m

  4. Awe ‘Twinkie”. YOU are amazing! Too funny though, I do NOT like ‘Twinkies’ at all. They are yuck. lol. I just loved your post as I do many of your posts and when I read that one I just got silly and called you “Twinkie”. So the name will stay but after your ‘speech’ please don’t give me a twinkie. lol All the same, you are an inspirational Lady and deserve any award that comes your way. Have a great day my friend,. hugs, Renee 🙂

    1. Oops!!! I’m sorry!!! And though I do love Twinkies, I don’t eat them (though I just did indulge in some outstanding frozen yogurt)…But we will forever be Twink to each other dear friend..because you shine awfully bright in my eyes..

      1. You bet we will! “Twink Buddies”. I love frozen yogurt too! I love ice-cream too. tee hee. Like you, it is not something in indulge in very often. Have a wonderful evening. 🙂

  5. Congrats Mimi so well deserved! And I gratefully accept your nomination! This is a first for me so I appreciate the offline guidelines as well. Many thanks for inspiring me to write a blog in the first place, let alone inspiring me every day with your warm posts. And thank you thank you thank you for your support every day. XOXO

  6. Congratulations x 2, Mimi! With all the awards you’ve been given, your acceptance speech has probably been memorized by now. I’m happy for you that quality continues to be recognized in the blogosphere.


  7. Mimi,
    Thank you for the award! I missed it yesterday because I’m in Boston for my stepson’s wedding which was yesterday. I love your acceptance speech! Beautifully written and entertaining as always.

  8. Thank you Mimi. You are one of those people that I look for each day, especially on the days I’m not sure how I’m going to push through recently. There is truly a sisterhood on here and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

  9. Dear Mimi, you probably don’t know me (yet) 😀 but we have somehow become intertwined in the circle of Sisterhood bestowed by Renee, and then by Magnolia Beginnings. So I just had to come and check out Waiting for the Karma Truck because it just might be karma beckoning. Loving your beautiful spirit which has travelled far and wide. Hugs, Sharon

    1. How this circle extends to envelop and welcome – I’m so glad you’re here!! Thank you so much for making this one of your ‘stops’ today! Hugs, me

  10. Congrats and thank you! You are too sweet. I saw this on my phone this weekend and didn’t have enough bars to leave a reply. Happy For you!

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