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When Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary


Wednesdays are really unremarkable.  By definition they are just middling.  The middle of the week.  The day that carries the dubious distinction of being known as ‘hump day’, permanently stuck in the position of being neither here nor there – not being part of the beginning of the week or the end of the week.  Poor Wednesday – always in the middle of the hourglass.

Except when it is an extraordinary day.  Then Wednesday stands proudly on its own – capably bridging both sides of the week with chest extended, pride exploding from each of its hours.  What happened today?

Nothing really.  Nothing that I can articulate well, at least.  After the weekend storm, we’ve been gifted with a series of golden days.  Truly magnificently golden.  It almost hurts to stay inside.  The sky is bluer than blue, the air cool and clear…goosebumps in the pre-dawn hours and kisses on your skin in the afternoon.  The morning coffee smells better.  The quiet is more magical.  The Sirs can’t help but get their wiggles out because these are days meant for wiggling and giggling (ok, so maybe dogs don’t giggle in the way we do, but still..).  All one’s senses are commanded to be on high alert to absorb the sheer grace of these days.  Mercy – when the universe attempts to provide us with what we are craving – and succeeds on every level.

One remarkable (and completely tangential) note – Fellow blogger has published her first book of short stories.  Titled “Whisper, Whisper”, she writes of flights of fancy that make you shudder with the kind of fear that lives right below your sense of reality.  The irony of course is that there is nothing about her that would suggest that this would be her genre of choice.  An adoring mom of four fabulous children, running from pillar to post with perpetual good cheer and a smile that carries across the pond.  Perhaps a captivating tale with an ogre of sorts and a happy ending assured – I would have anticipated that.  The two sides of  kizzylee – both pretty remarkable.  How delighted I am for her – another reason to enjoy this day.  It’s news that affects me more than a new iPhone on the market – but hey, that’s just me.

And in the glow of this day, I smile more broadly at the joy around me and I say ‘thank you thank you thank you’.  My heart aches more acutely with the unfathomable tragic news from around the world, the vitriol that populates every channel on tv, every paper, even the language on Facebook as the elections approach in the States.  I hang my head and weep – this is not what these days are for, these should not be the takeaways when the stars wait expectantly each morning to see what choices we will make today and the sun insists on sending warmth onto our shoulders regardless of the impression we are making upon the earth (to say nothing of each other).

Today is extraordinary because in the absence of  in-your-face surprises, a butterfly hung out for a while on some mums and just let its wings spread and sighed.  I’m lucky.  We’re blessed.




34 thoughts on “When Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary”

  1. Oh no, Mimi. This was a beautiful reality based heartfelt tribute to Wednesday that ended with hope. Isn’t that why we count our blessings? PS I believe my mom sends butterflies to reaffirm the promise of the present day and the potential each tomorrow holds. Kudos for putting into words what most intelligent beings are wrestling with today – Wednesday or not. And to end with the counting of blessings grounds us all.

  2. Oh what a great post! I love how those good weather days are more than just good weather, but really good for the soul days. After your last storm, it was time for this and I can just feel the perfection of it all, you describe it so perfectly! Kizzy will be delighted beyond measure, and that just adds to the wonder of it all. Happy Wednesday sunshine! xo

    1. Happy Wednesday Bonnie!! It’s really been a delicious day – inexplicably so given the news of the times..I just don’t want to let joy lose the battle..xox

      1. Delicious..that is the PERFECT word! And yes, especially in the context of the news of the day, I ran out the door to work with that on the news… With you on Team Joy, there is no way it can lose this battle. I have a little sign in my office, have had it for years and it says: ‘the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary, is that little extra’. Now I will see it and think of it – and you – with a renewed appreciation! xoxo

  3. Ahhh, my Mimi, what a delightful series of reflections on what has truly been a sun-kissed day. All the windows are flung wide open here in New Hampshire as well, all the better to catch the fragrance of the mums that explode in color across our porch, the crunch of twigs underfoot as the doe and her twin fawns make their way across the yard, and the first glimpses of orange and yellow in the foliage that rings the yard. I have listened with sadness throughout the day to the reports streaming out of Libya–such senseless loss of life and damage to the fragile bonds we are forming in this part of the world. And yet, the butterflies come, together with the big, B-52 dragonflies that waft sonorously across our yard. The dogs doze happily in patches of sunlight and my honey solves mechanical mysteries in the garage. Simple pleasures, but all the sweeter because of it. Delighted to hear of Kizzylee’s success as well–what a wonderfully original voice. Thx for bringing it all into such sharp focus, dear friend….xoxox, L

    1. I don’t know anyone who can evoke imagery like you Lori…it’s like you breathe it in and in your next exhalation come these magically evocative pictures. I love your response more than the post!! And I love best of all the picture of you smiling that remains in my head..xox

      1. Well babe, let’s see – you’re a writer – a wonderfully talented, generous, highly literate, addictive-worthy writer. That helps…then, when you include the person behind all those talents and understand that all we get to see is a skosh of the beautiful soul inside – and the end result is no surprise. But boy, is it special..xox

    1. I am so happy for her – I think it’s fabulous that she has realized one of her dreams (and is working on her second as I write this probably). Aren’t you due here soon????I hope there’ s a yes in there – write when you can?

  4. my beautiful wonderful friend thank you so much , even though you made me cry with this post i rush to add it is happy tears , i am so very lucky i have my kids and i have you my wonderful friend thank you, now i shall go and do the small mountain of sewing that is threatening me and wipe away my tears you are the best friend anyone could ever ask for if nothing else wordpress has brought me the most excellent friends have a brilliant day mims loves you xx

    1. Laughing…love you too kizzylee and celebrate your huge accomplishment from here. As you rush everywhere please stop for one moment, grab a cuppa and just revel in all you have done and are doing. You owe it to yourself to allow one moment just to sit still and take it all in…ok? xox

  5. I am reminded, yet again by you and through your beautiful heart, to stand still, look up, wonder in the magic I see, and thank God for the blessings in my life, not the least of which is your friendship, and that of the amazing people that meet here every day. Kizzy’s book is a wonder and you’ve described the shining facets of her so well. She is remarkable and real and she will be beyond tears to know you’ve done this. Happy glorious Wednesday Mim and Lori and Jo and Susan and Kizz and Christine and David…et al. It’s a great day in the neighborhood.

  6. I like your blog put unfortunately owing to my eye problems I find it hard to read on colours or black.So I can’t follow you…people don’t know this unless they have problems too.
    AnywayI paid you a visit and enjoyed it.Thank you

  7. No, this is not what these days are for. Life has so much greater potential than this. I abandoned television years ago, restricted radio to only as much global news as I could handle before frustration could spiral into depression, and left Facebook only quite recently. With no regrets. I have managed to fill the silence thus left behind with the laughter of my daughter and the music that I play on my ney and conversations with my father and even more silence. Gentle silence. During which I read or draw or just appreciate the colors of a quiet garden.

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