This appeared on DavidKanigan.com and I am reblogging it because it should be read, integrated and remembered by everyone in my view. Often those who have ‘already made it’ forget that they still need to bring their moral compass and backbone to work. Bring something to the table that young people will want to emulate and strive to be. And encourage them to bring their A game – not because we did it when we were younger – but because we’re bringing it every day as well.

Live & Learn

John E. Smith @ strategiclearner is a frequent inspiration stop for me.  Here’s another one of John’s great shares.  Henry Rollins speaks to college students in this clip however I believe his remarks are inspirational to all of us.  He shares an important message that needs to be heard, shared and passed along. It’s worth 5 minutes of your time.  You’ll find the transcript below.

Transcript of Henry Rollins’ remarks:

Young person, you’ll find in your life that sometimes your great ambitions will be momentarily stymied, thwarted, marginalized by those who were perhaps luckier, come from money, where more doors opened, where college was a given–it was not a student loan; it was something that Dad paid for–to where an ease and confidence in life was almost a birthright, where for you it was a very hard climb.

You cannot let these people make you feel that you have in…

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    1. I agree – and I know my sons read my blog (eventually), so I know this will get into their hands as well..Hope all is well across the pond. It sounds like your clients are keeping you busy!! After another bout of huge storms and power outages on Saturday, DC is being graced with magnificent pre-autumn weather – cool temps, no humidity and a sky that is almost achingly blue. And yes, I’m loving every minute! 🙂

      1. Oh good! I think we all need to hear it, but I meet so many young folks who really seem to think it should all just happen for them. It’s frustrating in the moment at times, when they think I am the one who should make it happen, but really it makes me think about the long term for them…and all of us!! xo

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