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Karma Gets It Right Again

This morning, I’m raising a mimosa to Karma – acknowledging that once again, the truck rolled up the right driveway and gave back to two people what they have so generously put out into the world.  Salut!  L’chaim! Cheers!  Down In One! (oh..never mind the last one – I was having a throwback moment to my freshman year in college.  Note to David – this is not what Eric is doing – he is studying assiduously.

You see, yesterday an incredibly wonderful, warm, beautiful, generous, fantastic friend of mine got married.  My own personal experience tells me that the act of marriage is not always the great big hug from the universe you think you’re receiving.  Sometimes it is a painful, difficult and hurtful lesson that you have got to learn, intentionally masked by flowers, good food and music.  But this is different.  Yesterday the karma truck rolled up my friend’s driveway to celebrate the kind of love that the universe offers as its finest gift to those who are richly deserving.  Their lessons have been hard and emotionally painful, requiring that identities get rebuilt later in life than one might prefer.  Teardowns and subsequent reconstruction is hard work – projects ideally not taken on during one’s renaissance (so much nicer than ‘middle age’). Ironically, the effort that was required resulted in the emergence of two remarkable people with a dawning understanding that this was who they were before they kept adding to their exteriors (which was done to protect what was inside).

And they are amazing people.  I can ‘feel’ her essence from hundreds of miles away.  She knows what I am thinking though she has never met me.  Our emails are prescient and eerie, as if we are connected by some invisible cord that tugs when the other may be in need.  But this isn’t about how special she is to me.  Rather she brings her heart – open and huge – to the world around her.  In her writing, her spirited commitment to others, the magnificent love that just emanates from her whether she wants it to or not.  She is not perfect – that’s not what good karma is all about.  She brings her best self into the kitchen each morning and makes sure that it is reflected onto the day’s canvas.  And if her best self isn’t feeling all the great, she puts on a sweater to limit what others may see until she is ready and treats it gently, tiptoeing into the day, lowering the risk that she could do any harm (she couldn’t).

What she and her husband (she has to practice saying that I think) have is a bond that is so strong and unbreakable that it still surprises them after many years together.  He is her grounding when she flies too close to the sun; she is his ardent fan and passionate supporter should the crowds not fill the stands.  They understand that the magnificence of love is in the giving – and they give to each other without hesitation, caveat or limitation.  They have received what they so richly deserve, for I don’t know anyone other than my friend who begins the day thinking first about others, with almost too little regard for herself.

So I’m lovin’ the karma truck today.  And I couldn’t let a momentous occasion go without my own little wedding reception.  When it’s time for the toast, I hope everyone raises their glass and asks that Love smile on them and be good to them from now until forever.  May laughter and light fill their home.  Enjoy good health, great wine and best friendship.  And know always how much you are loved – by many.  We are  honored to be your friends.



36 thoughts on “Karma Gets It Right Again”

  1. Beautifully written sentiments. Tho’ I don’t know your friends, I am compelled to raise my glass as well as two extraordinary people begin the next journey full of wonderful adventures, I hope, together.

  2. So wonderful to read a love story that begins in such a way that the reader is certain that no matter what happens in the middle of the story, the ending will find the two lovers more in love than when they started. The kind of love that we all hope for. God bless them and you, Mimi, for being such a great friend to them. May the loving couple live long, prosper and spread their love far and wide.

  3. Awwww, Mimi, there are no words….. This is so, so beautiful, loving, kind, warm, amazing. I am literally speechless. Yesterday was a very, very special day, and this just “seals the deal.”. Thank you from the bottom of my heart….

    1. I wish you nothing but joy and love, good health and laughter and gentle breezes at your back (they represent the many, many people who stand behind you)..xox

  4. What a beautiful tribute to what is obviously a beautiful person…and even more so, the partnership. You don’t even need to know her, you can sense the wonder of it all! Mimi – you gave the perfect ‘toast’ at the wedding! All the love and joy in the world to your friend! xo

      1. Are you kidding?! Absolutely had to come back and check in. And I LOVE the idea of rice/rose petals. :-). Perfect. The blogging community it just amazing…. Xxoxxo. Thx to everyone!

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