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Remembering Grace; Forgetting The Snark

Well may I be the first to tell you that I have the technological expertise of a gnat – presuming the gnat lacks much of an elevated intellect or facility with anything other than bugging people (good pun…).  I have been trying to cut and paste, paste and cut, copy urls, open images in other tabs…I have a headache.  I’m getting the message.  I am not meant to post any more on my page than is already there – it is crowded enough with archival references, comments, copyright language, etc…I get it, the universe has spoken.

Nonetheless, over the weekend I was fortunate enough to be given two awards from people whose work I greatly enjoy and with whom I am developing a friendship in the ether for which I am even more grateful.

I received the One Lovely Blog award from the wonderful writer of truthletsandthoughbits.wordpress.com.  Not only is her writing delightful, her generosity (and patience) comes through every post.

Simon Marsh accorded me the Sunshine Blog award.  I have written about Simon’s blog before, finding his observations and warmth as enveloping as a favorite sweater.

I am humbled by the praise – truly.  There have been a few bloggers to whom I have paid it forward, who clearly didn’t feel I was doing them any kindness.  They responded with a polite thank you, and a somewhat snarky perception of the lack of gravitas associated with these manufactured follies.  To them, I apologize and assure them I will never mention them again.  I will say though that no one is mistaking this recognition for a Pulitzer, a publishing contract or a stellar review from the New York Times Review Of Books.   Suggesting that someone makes you happy or makes you think or inspires you to wonder at the magnificence of a photo or a poem – I don’t know, to me that seems to be a mighty signficant reward in and of itself.   That is how I interpret these acknowledgements.  I may not be permanently posting them on my page, but that is a result of my extensive and embarrassing limitations.  It is not a reflection of my appreciation at all, for that I can demonstrate by thanking you again and again.


24 thoughts on “Remembering Grace; Forgetting The Snark”

  1. Thank you!! More importantly though – the generosity with which people acknowledge the efforts of others is a very cool thing and should be appreciated..I think it’s what makes this community so special.. 🙂

    1. You are so wonderful – thank you!! I just feel badly for the people who receive a genuine acknowledgement from someone and are met with a smart ass comment about how they can’t pay it forward… You know my old saying (which isn’t mine) – ‘take your work seriously, but yourself lightly?’ This is supposed to be enjoyable, instructive, yes and a forum to practice, share and learn. Why anyone would respond with snark, I just don’t understand.
      Ok, my rant is done – thanks for listening. And thank you thank you for always reading my silly blogs – from the really lousy ones to the not-so-lousy-ones..I appreciate it and especially like that we have ‘met’ ! 🙂

  2. You said it!! Acknowledge and compliment is something which everyone craves for and knows its power (makes one’s chest bloat with pride and makes you smile even when alone) but no one wants to acknowledge it gracefully..

    1. I think some people don’t realize that this is a community that is designed to support – whether a pro or a novice like me – whether hoping for a career or just needing an outlet. To receive a compliment and dismiss it as something indicative of people having too much time on their hands, is just not necessarily accurate. I love following your blog – and I enjoy the others I follow as well. Hell, everyday I’m finding new people to enjoy. Ah well…I think you rock!

      1. Oh yes…I started blogging when I was looking for an outlet and sometimes its easier to tell to the whole wide world than your family. And I ‘virtually’ met wonderful people like you…who guided me with their unbiased perspective and thoughts. And these awards are a way to let others know what difference they have made in someone’s life unintensionally. You are an awesome person!!! Stay the same 🙂

  3. You have a gift. Those of us who wait impatiently for the Karma Truck to stop at the door every day feel that can never be enough praise for what you do. Teacher, mentor, transformer, inspirer (is that a word?), thought-provoking, did I mention inspiring. Knowing that the true way to teach and guide is by sharing experiences you have earned and deserve all accolades. I am only one person, but for me the life affirming lessons and your ability to spark the occasional synapse to transmit leaves me with my heart singing and my soul full of joy. You do what you do because it’s right. Pay it Forward – another mantra for our generation. But in case you think I’m biased – threw out those damn rose colored glasses because I could no longer see clearly, so there, let me borrow some words from a person way smarter than me. By the way, since I pride myself on being a “life-long learner”, you teach me something everyday as well. We can’t fix the world all at once. We do it one day at a time, one person at a time, one deed at a time. A single life, say our sages, is like a world. Save a life and you save a world. Change a life and you begin to change the world. You do this for me with every blog. We call this Tikkun olam, perfecting the world. Judaism believes that it is no accident that we are here, at this time and place, with these gifts and capabilities, and the opportunity to make a difference. We are here because there is a task that only we can fulfill. We can never know the ripple of consequences set in motion by the slightest act. Our acts make a difference, sometimes all the difference in the world. One act, says Maimonides, can change a life, and transform a world. We are here, now, in this place, among these people, in these circumstances, so that we can do the act or say the word that will light a candle of hope and holiness in a dark world. A little light drives away much darkness. And when light is joined to light, mine to yours and yours to others, the dance of flames, each so small, yet so beautiful together, begins to bathe the world in its glow. So, keep on steering that Karma Truck, my friend. I am on this ride with you and your followers until the end. Enjoy the accolades, they have been earned. And, as you continue to Pay it Forward, you should know that each act of kindness and appreciation also lands where it should. Lessons are learned. Ultimately balance is achieved and all is right with the world.

    1. WOW! I don’t know you Jo, but if you don’t write for a living, you should!! 🙂 What a beautiful paean to a friend and a fabulous characterization of what this blog does so beautifully. I look forward to my little “Karma Truck deliveries” every day as well…..

      1. She is pretty amazing isn’t she? And Lori, she speaks in much the same way as she writes – with heart, and compassion and abundant love. We’ve been friends since the sixth grade – with a forty year absence in between. She ‘found’ me on facebook two hours after my daughter-in-law helped me put up my facebook page. And this is but one of the gazillion reasons why I know I’m blessed.

  4. PS A bit long in the tooth today, I know. And if I was smart enough to proof read before I click on “POST” button I would have realized that I was thinking faster than typing and the first few sentences are missing some words. I’m sure you recognize my intent. You reap what you sow. Your field is brilliantly green and the soil fertile and ready for planting additional seeds ripe with knowledge, experience, humor and love. I’ll be at the truck stop tomorrow. ❤

    1. Ok Jo, when I stop the tears from running out of my eyes I may be able to see what I’m typing. You are right – balance is achieved in this universe by forces other than yours truly. And all is right with the world because I have friends like you. I’m not sure this response can do your comments justice, for they are more than I deserve. But I delight in knowing that I make you smile, or feel inspired, consider a perspective or laugh at the silliness that life holds. Boy, if I’ve done that, then I’d say this blogging thing is an unqualified success. My field is truly green, and the sun is bright on my face. Thank you for the sunshine. ❤

  5. Mimijk, I, too, feel its glow in our friendship every day.
    Thank you donnaanddiablo for your kind words, but since you ride the truck with us, you understand how easy it is to write them. As for my occupation, I am a retired educator who truly believes every moment is a teachable one and to learn simply for the love of learning, without expectations, preconceived opinions and/or self-fulfilling prophecies is one of life’s greatest blessings.

    1. Thank you my friend. And I love saying thank you. I also love letting other people know about the people in this community who inspire in multiple ways. It’s getting the snarky comment back when trying to pay it forward (and I’ve received some doozies) that just blew me away a little. I guess some people feel that if the acknowledgement isn’t a ‘real’ one (like a Pulitzer, Booker, etc) then it isn’t worth their time to a) accept it and b) give attention to others who you respect. Ah well..I digress…You are my pal, and I think I am the happiest for that award.

  6. Mim…you deserve every single blessed one and more! And to the snarky snarks…pthhhhhhhhhh. You have it right sister…it’s about support, encouragement, mutual adulation, love, (oops, getting off track here), but you have it exactly right! And every comment on here to you is the truth, whole truth, and nuttin’ but the truth! Rock Star…You Are.

    1. You are something else – in he best sense of the phrase – you pack so much emotion in one sentence, I feel like I’m in a protective bubble. I can accept that people take their work seriously – I just can’t accept righteous indignation in response to someone tries to do something genuine and kind. But that’s ok…I’ll pay it forward somewhere else – get ready Rhonda.. 🙂

      1. Oy…hang on there tootsie…I still have one to pick up from you and another one somewhere else! My paycheck is FAT this week….I love ya and appreciate it bunches…you know I do….but pay someone else this week! lol
        🙂 R

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