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Un-manic Your Monday

We all know what is going to happen when the morning arrives…You’re going to try and hit the ‘snooze’ button and miss, causing the book to fall off the night table, which will jar the dog, encouraging him to nudge you to let him/her out.  The coffee will begin to drip as soon as you push the button…as soon as you find the button through your half-open eyes.  Get the paper, feed the dog, grab some coffee…and then the rhythm begins to accelerate and your ‘musts’ will over-take your ‘wants’.  You’re in gear and to quote one of the crazy characters from “Madagascar” – you’ve got to move it, move it.”

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Whoa…hold up one minute.  What would happen if you changed the routine a bit?  If you sat down while drinking your coffee, enjoying the silence for a moment.  Just.sit.still.  Not for the whole morning – let’s not go crazy.  Watch the sun rise – it’s a methodical process and involves moving with determination and inevitability, but it is also slow enough to relish.

Before you jump into the frenetic response to emails that relentlessly poured into your inbox – wait a second.  Make a short list – what unequivocally has to be done today, which employees are you going to make it a point to see, is there a more efficient way to follow up on incomplete items from last week?  Can you pick up the phone and talk instead of beginning an endless email chain?  What is one thing you could do this week to reinforce your effectiveness?  One thing.  If this question was posed to you by your boss, with the additional caveat that you had to come up with a suggestion – what would it be?  This is the thought for the morning’s drive to work, or the moment between conference calls or when you walk the stairs from one floor to the other.  One thing.  Just think of the satisfaction you would derive from adjusting, substituting or introducing one new approach to your day.  I’m not even going to ask what could happen if you posed this question to yourself on a more regular basis.  You might actually enjoy your day instead of anticipating its end.

So – what are you going to do?  Please let me know – and whatever you do – have a magnificent Monday!


13 thoughts on “Un-manic Your Monday”

  1. Perhaps not starting the day with any negative thoughts? It is possible that something wonderful is just about to happen. Eliminating that self fulfilling prophecy that it is going to be a ‘tough day’, ‘long day’, fill in the blank day, is a great first step. Okay, I’m on it! Thanks! Have a great day!

  2. That IS a great first step!! Rather than re-visiting how tired one is, start by thinking about all the possibilities that a new day holds! Thanks!

  3. At dawn I am usually outside with my 4 dogs walking out in our oak trees… It is quite except for the sound of the leaves under their feet. There is a clearing in the center of the oaks where I can look up and usually see the moon as it is still out as day breaks here. I love just standing and starring up, and my thought is ” thank you Lord for today”. Being thankful is a great way to begin your day ;). Have a wonderful Monday Mimi!

    1. I can imagine nothing more perfect..I too say a little prayer of thanks when I’m out with my dogs before sunrise…Enjoy your day TIna!

  4. You are speaking my language! I’m a creature of routine and I’m always trying to build one. The funny thing is that the minute I become entrenched in something I toss it all out because it’s too restrictive. There is a harshly logical/systematically analytical me at constant war with the breezily creative/easily entertained side of me and it gets a little crowded in here. I find the best mornings are the morning where I spend 20 minutes reading the Bible while eating breakfast and drinking my coffee. All that other stuff will still be there when I get done!

    1. I’m with you – there’s an awful lot of debate that occurs between my ears, and if I can make the adult decision to just step back and breathe, focus on being still for a little while, I find the whole day moves with far less stops and starts, and more fluidity. Which isn’t to say I don’t backslide throughout the day – but I try. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Nora!

  5. Ooof honey, my SHORT list is still waaay too long! But then my circumstances are a little unusual – phone calls just aren’t an option most of the time. My business IS mostly the internet and emails. But…the premise is a good one and I guess I make a short list which I call “the list of things that not just have to be done today but may result in my death if I don’t – the others that have to be done today can wait til tomorrow”. I know – it’s catchy, isn’t it?

    1. Lol – I think it’s destined to become an acceptable, popular management acronym – ‘tlottnjhtbdtbmrimdt’ – yeah, that’s a keeper! 🙂

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