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E.T. Management – Part 1

There’s a lot to be learned about management from going to the movies.  Much of what I needed to know about the basics of working with people, I learned from “E.T’.  To risk an attenuated blog (for a change), I’ll provide you with the abbreviated version.  We can write each other about it as thoughts come to mind… 1.  It’s the things we don’t know that scare us the most.  Once we face an issue head-on, it typically casts a more comfortable shadow. 2.  Don’t discriminate against anyone just because… Read more E.T. Management – Part 1

The Rhythm Of Leadership (even if you’re tone deaf)

“Where you lead/I will follow/Anywhere that you tell me to…”  Ah, Carole…I was a rabid follower – Carole, James, Laura, CSN&Y.  I followed them (and others) because I loved their music, their words, the way I felt when I sang along (some of my fondest memories include sitting in my friend Allie’s house eating Cadbury wafers and singing..she had a pure, clear soprano; I had a rich and sincere baritone, sorta). I followed a speaker at a peace rally in NY after the Kent State shootings. He spoke Spanish (I… Read more The Rhythm Of Leadership (even if you’re tone deaf)

The Art Of Confrontation

Let me say upfront – I never developed this skill.  Not only don’t I have any talent for confrontation, I have so studiously avoided it that I think I show some real ability in this area.  It’s somewhat ironic that frequent moments in my career required that I confront people, my passionate belief in my professional purpose fueled my provocative challenges at times and it’s hard to get through the adolescences of three boys without having to go toe-to-toe every once in awhile.  But, I have never sought out such… Read more The Art Of Confrontation

Groundhog Day – Again

Some may think I get cranky because I’m out of estrogen – oh no my friends, no.  I got cranky long before my hormones became an acceptable excuse.  In fact, it’s entirely possible that my crankiness was the catalyst for my body’s ensuing wackiness.  It got tired of me railing at some of the more inexplicable, passive choices we make on a daily basis in the name of ‘doing our best’. “Mediocrity is climbing mole hills without sweating” – Icelandic proverb How much do we do just to get by?… Read more Groundhog Day – Again

It’s Your Choice

Cash or credit; paper or plastic; wheat or sourdough; grande or venti; bootcut or straight-leg; warm or cool; volume or length; matte or gloss; MSNBC or CNBC…It’s not even 8AM and these are just a few of the decisions I’ve had to make just to get in gear.  And I’m retired now – what was my morning like when I was working? If this is indicative of the ‘new minimalism’, I don’t get it.  I consider it a paradigm for insanity.  I don’t want to make any more decisions, it’s… Read more It’s Your Choice

It’s Enough To Make You Crazy

“I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once” — Jennifer Yane Apparently April is National Anxiety Month – I had no idea.  If someone had told me that I had the option of deferring my anxiety, collecting and storing it in one of the many compartments in my head pending one outrageous release from April 1st – 30th, I can’t imagine how much more organized my thought process would be.  I really think this deserves more publicity, which is why I’m… Read more It’s Enough To Make You Crazy

A Dirty Little Secret – Sort Of

“There is an enormous number of managers who have retired on the job” – Peter Drucker.  Ah Pete, you’re killin’ me.  I’m not sure if anyone who falls into this category – or anyone supervising people in this category – really wants to be outed.  However, this dirty little secret is becoming more and more apparent.  The good news (if you want to call it that) is that there’s no need to worry – I’m not sure anyone’s going to get called on it.  It requires too much effort.  If… Read more A Dirty Little Secret – Sort Of

I’m Blonder Than I Look

I was going to write about ethics today – and it was going to be good.  Notes in place, paragraphs in some semblance of order, and then I had one of my many blonde moments.  I couldn’t stop thinking about these random ‘duh’ moments of mine and remain amazed that I am here in spite of myself.  Full disclosure – I’m not a natural blonde, so I use the adjective loosely and more than a little disingenuously. Anyway, I’ve conducted a completely unscientific study with a myriad of uncontrolled variables… Read more I’m Blonder Than I Look

Big Love – Not The TV Show

Well, we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day – and I wonder about the intent of a holiday marketed by Hallmark as an opportunity to speak of love in the most sincere of ways.  I wasn’t going to write about it at all, perhaps in defiance if you will, of whatever societal expectations there may be in plucking on heart strings during this time of year. But karma is a funny thing.  With my husband off on a business trip, snow falling outside (albeit with little conviction), I decided that today… Read more Big Love – Not The TV Show

I Never Slept With Jack Kennedy

So this woman named Mimi has written a book about her affair with Jack Kennedy.  You can imagine my discomfort upon hearing this announcement.  I didn’t get the memo that February was Mimi-Confessionals-Month.  After all, I just started this blog in January.  How exposed do you expect me to be so early in our relationship?  Had I realized that February was going to be our month to tell secrets-of-absolutely-no-consequence-to-anyone, I might have waited until March to start this exercise.  This is gonna be tough. Advertising secrets is tricky (it’s also… Read more I Never Slept With Jack Kennedy

Je Ne Regrette Rien…Not!

“Je ne regrette rien”.  My mom used to do a decent, highly entertaining imitation of Edith Piaf (assuming that Edith Piaf was ‘un peu’ tone deaf). Mom had the hand gestures, closed eyes, dramatic intonations down (and her Marlene Dietrich was even better).  Of course, she didn’t do this too often either because we would laugh or worse, sing along. Of course the words of the song aren’t completely true.  I have regrets – from absolutely frightening glamour-don’ts to opportunities I dismissed to emotional pain that I have inflicted with… Read more Je Ne Regrette Rien…Not!