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Hard Truth

I am not giving intentional voice to the negative, I hope – and yet, this is worthy of a read, with the hope that at the end you’re left with the thought ‘how can I undo this, at least for me’. I for one, am not looking for more explanations as to why my thoughts toggle so quickly that one thought leapfrogs on the next, I am looking for ways to hold one cogent thought until the end…

When Facebook (and all the others) decide what you see in your news feed, there are many thousands of things they could show you. So they have …

Hard Truth

14 thoughts on “Hard Truth”

    1. It is so damn overwhelming, Dave – a spigot that is rusted in the on position with gushing water so strong, it erodes all the ground around it. Ground upon which we’re standing.

  1. Thank you for this, Mimi and Dave – added to my reading list. But before I turn to the book I want to thank you for all the thoughtFULLness you both bring into the world. HopeLESSness is challenged to the core by the quiet witness and sheer long-standing goodness of individuals and small groups. ‘Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.’ It’s distressing that ‘attack,’ ‘destroy’ and so on grab human attention so readily. But, beyond our screens, love is never too far beyond us. Your online presence is evidence of ‘a more excellent way.’ 😊xx

    1. I’m flattered to be in the same rarefied space as Dave, for candidly, I offer little my friend, really. Just riding on his shirttails …xx

  2. Yes — I am going to get this book — I saw him on Bill Maher a couple of weeks ago and then forgot to order the book — case in point.  This so timely — the way stimulus is coming at us constantly at a rapid speed — for years — and it is very difficult to step away and change the pattern — and I am not a Facebook user — it is everything — the ability to generate 24/7 just-in-time information 365 days a year.  Our attention spans are now like blips.  Trying to watch as little CNN as possible — absolutely heartbreaking and scary.  Miss you.  XOK.

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  3. Undoubtedly a message we need to hear, but damn is it depressing. I feel as though we are being assailed by bad news from every quarter. Thanks for the light that *you* shine, sweet friend… xoxo

      1. Absolutely, lovey, doin’ my best to let my little light shine, as the song goes, and know that you are, too, as I catch the flickering beam *every* single day….🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

  4. With so much out there … and what we are exposed to, it’s so unsettling. Tuning inwards, holding on to those we love, and what is important can become our new mantra to find balance in our lives. Not just to relieve stress, or tip the balance towards peace of mind …. But it’s a way to reject and let go of the manipulation that we are being bombarded with. We need to turn off our devises and tune in to our selves and what matters. This is what we need and our planet needs more and more.
    Just saying 🥰

    1. All true, Val – control the rush of information, focus on the moment and spend a bit more energy in introspection. And yet, we are a part of this world and I think it’s impossible to deny our presence. Can we balance better? Absolutely. Can we remember to honor the day, our families, ourselves? Without question. Your comments reverberate and I appreciate them – and you…🥰

  5. I’m really looking forward to today, a Saturday, a morning to be spent with my dear wife Karen, daughter Elisabeth and son-in-law-to-be George. Focusing on family time helps me keep that spigot under my control at least somewhat, Mimi, as tough as it is. Thank you for your helpful rails!

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