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Keep Moving

“My, my.  A body does get around.” – William Faulkner

Oh William, you have no idea.

We’ve moved.  We’re in our new house.  It is lovely, really.  True, the microwave doesn’t open, the dishwasher is confused about its purpose, there’s a wine fridge but it too is inoperable, and though I have a double oven, it has to be replaced or repaired.  Did I  mention that our refrigerator legs aren’t locked, so that it creeps along surreptitiously,  advancing with little notice until it kisses the wall?

Of course, as with every new house, there’s a punch list that is lengthy – and I now understand why it is in fact called a ‘punch’ list.

At night, our boxes multiply as if their souls were rabbits.  And each morning, I look around in disbelief that there are so damn many them.  The yard is not seeded, sodded or fenced, so the Sirs and I walk with our heads down – our neighbors must look at the mosh pit that is the front yard and shake their heads with displeasure.  Some of the doors don’t lock properly yet, but what the heck, I can always make someone a cup of coffee.

And yet.

I love that I have landed.  I may not be able to find my way through this morass even with a compass and clear head (I lack both) – but I am home.  A place to create new memories, walls that will hold laughter and baby giggles, words from family and friends, new secrets and old stories that are told and re-told for their lessons and familial value – all will be protected by this structure.  When you cross our threshold, you will know you are welcome.  I think that is what I have missed most about our old home (other than the fact that my kids were still under the roof).  It was ‘home’ to all who entered – shoes were off, people curled up on couches, succumbing to those drooly kind of naps, big Thanksgiving dinners, intimate moments with friends around the kitchen table.

I wish my whole family was local, but I am so, so grateful for those who are here.  I think as you get older, you treasure ‘home’ differently.  It isn’t about acquisitiveness any longer – on the contrary, that which isn’t essential to your heart is purged – it’s about holding on to that which is most important to you.  And reveling in it.  Perhaps therein lies my impatience.  I want to find the pictures of my parents, the cards my sons gave me when they were small.  I want to ‘feel’ my life in what I touch.

Andy keeps telling me to go slow, that this isn’t a marathon – he’s right of course.  I’m driven by a compelling force to snuggle into what I know, before I begin to create something new.  If our fence was up, I’d have one foot in the new and the other in the old.  Barring that,  I’m just going to keep going until I uncover all those priceless treasures that I have missed for almost a year.  And whisper with delight and gratitude, ‘There you are!  Thank you for waiting for me!’.

Ok, time to get started –


61 thoughts on “Keep Moving”

  1. Love that photo. I hope you found what you were looking for. It looks like a cavern. I don’t envy you moving to a new house. I’ve live in the same house since1963. I love my old dilapidated home. 🙂 But a new one that is filled with love and friends is a home not a house and that’s all that matters.

    1. We lived our old home for 25 years, and it was a great home. This too will become one, I hope. And those wardrobe boxes weren’t designed for short people! 😉

  2. Home is where the heart is never had truer meaning. Your ginormous heart has found a new setting in which to make a home I’ve taken a lesson from these words. Mimi, may memories and miracles reside with you as your loved ones visit. I have a visual of Bogey in the “yard” 😊 May the smiles of your parents shine down upon you. Most importantly may your punch list grow shorter. Welcome home my sweet friend. More memories, more love, different location. How lucky can you get? All there is.

  3. Hi Mimi, so glad you have landed. I cannot imagine such a move and then trying to resettle. We just painted our entire home, put in new carpeting throughout and new shades and I am still not unpacked. Christmas came and went with no family pictures on the walls. I’m sure I will get to in soon. Take care and enjoy each day!


    1. Love you…oh, and I just found a leak in the guest bathroom – one joy chases the next – isn’t that what mom used to say? Although these really are silken worries (another mom-ism)

  4. Ten years ago, we moved back to the area where I grew up. Grandkids are a half-hour away, Mom is 4 blocks. The light, the air, the surrounding topography all feel so familiar. In October, I see the cast of the afternoon light and remember riding my bike home from the Catholic school I attended with two of my siblings. I can drive past my old house, the summertime swimming pool, the old church, etc. I’m living in my own little Norman Rockwell nostalgic dream, and at age 62 it’s a treat to be be home again.

    1. I can’t imagine the calm and joy you must feel living again where you grew up. Truly returning home, and to have your family all around you is an added bonus. Welcome home, Lynne.

  5. I can’t wait to come back to our new house and see how you are turning it into our home. Some new things, and some old things…but you are the most important ingredient that makes that house my home. I can’t wait to come back and revel in our new home with you. Love you dollgirl.

  6. “I want to ‘feel’ my life in what I touch.” So beautifully captured, honey. This post had me giggling (a ‘punch’ list indeed, and that photo–priceless!), nodding vigorously in agreement, and wishing to hell that I could pop over and help you unpack a few of those boxes. Moves are both exciting and oh so unnerving, and this one has been a bit of a bugger, there’s no two ways around it. But you will prevail, sweet friend, and before you know it, your house will be a home. Cannot wait to curl up on the couch again and gab…. All there is…. xoxo, l

    1. Well, you know exactly what’s going on here sweetie – and you know too that I can’t wait until a) it’s ready for prime time and b) you’re curled up on the couch..xoox, m

  7. I never liked the moving in part. Or the packing part. Or the unpacking part. Kudos to you for finding something positive there. We’ve been in this house for the longest, and I dread ever leaving!

  8. When I was younger, I moved several times. I rarely lived in any house more than 6 years. I’ve been here 13 and we are thinking of downsizing. The thing is that I love it here. It’s too big and expensive with taxes and all but the thought of moving is overwhelming. I envy that you have landed. Snuggle in, nest it up and enjoy.

  9. You give new meaning to the old childhood prank call: “Good evening, I’m calling to see if your refrigerator is running?” You can now answer that with some degree of legitimacy! 🙂

    The photo is beyond perfect and I love you for climbing, literally all in (and not just into this box, oh btw!). What a wonderful process of nesting you have begun – all the very important choices of where you want to glance to find your favorite photo, the cabinet into which you want to reach for your favorite mug or wine glass (please, put the wine fridge at the top of your punch list – it pains me to think it’s not working properly 🙂 and where you will place this for once neatly stacked towels (funny how they start out so tidy….). I agree – the need for acquisition decreases sharply and less is more comes into laser focus with these kinds of moves. I am so happy you have landed, I think I can hear you exhale a bit, all the way from here. xoxo

  10. There’s been a hole…I didn’t realize it until the Karma Truck came today…now I recognize the hole…I’ve missed you on so many levels and thankfully the hole isn’t as deep!

    I’m so happy that finally your roots can sink into new soil (hopefully not in the yard)…I know each nook and cranny with overflow with love and giggles and old memories carried to their new home by pillows and throws and stories of the past.

    Dearest Mimi…come out of the box and breathe in your new life! Please no marathon…

    1. I miss you Carrie, and delight in knowing you are thriving in the snows of Montana. And one of these days, you will come and visit with Doug. I found a great sushi place! I love you, dear friend.

  11. I love the photo along with the text of your delightful post, Mimi. your heart-felt writing often reminds me of loving connections and I know of no better way to write or reason to do so.

  12. You describe beautifully the chaos of a move Mimi, but you are right, all that matters in the end, after all the boxes are empty and the dust has settled, is making your mark on this new land with an open heart and mind, one box at a time! I wish you many years in this new home filled with abundance and joy!! 💕

      1. Thank you!! … We’ve just seen President Obama awarding Vice Present Joe Biden with the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction. Delighted. Oh, Mimi, both men have such great grace! xx

  13. Still laughing: our refrigerator legs aren’t locked, so that it creeps along surreptitiously, advancing with little notice until it kisses the wall?

    When’s the house warming party?

  14. Oh my goodness…thank you. I find so much comfort in your words as your life is running parallel to mine. Thank you, thank you.

  15. I am so pleased you have moved into your new home. I know that you found leaving the family home hard and so I am happy that you are finding the new house comfortable and you can see it becoming a home. As for the ‘punch’ list – I have moved recently too, and I have one of those … so the costs will be greater than anticipated … but I guess in these situations we can just shrug our shoulders with a ‘such is life’ and carry on.
    Keep well and enjoy your new home 🙂

  16. Divorced, sold & moved out of the family home of 19 years into a rental with the kids. Your punch list is like mine, except we have pests ants, wasps and yikes- MICE! Just got hot water recently (told the kids it’s like we’re camping and at least it’s summer not winter for cold showers!) Appliances aren’t working properly so I’ve learned the ins and outs of laundromat etiquette along with what’s cheap, yet filling take out since we’re not cooking yet here. It’s been a process for sure, but I’m grateful to simply have landed like you said. Be kind to yourself and enjoy every nuance of your new abode! Best of luck with it! ♥

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