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The year is coming to a close…and I struggle to write of joyous moments and rhythmic episodes of delight.  I know they were there – as I often say, in those spaces in between.  They were in the moments with Sophie’s head on my shoulder or singing (so to speak) on our walks; listening to Sienna imitate all the animal noises she knows and feeling the tenderness of her cheek; watching my sons as adoring fathers…the incredible kindness and love of friends near and far; the excitement of a new home (which with a little luck and prayer we will get into next week); sunsets that took my breath and sunrises that gave it back…

Yes…undeniably there have been moments, magical, wondrous moments.

And yet, this has also been a particularly strange and disorienting year.  Certainly being in temporary living quarters, without Andy more often than not, has been particularly upending.   Somehow as we get older it seems we lose more people – or perhaps age makes us more sensitive to these departures.  And in every corner of the world, there is pain – palpable, horrid, unrelenting pain – that one can’t ignore.  The faces of children – hungry, broken, scared; real-time nightmares from which one cannot look away.  I spend a lot of time seeking comfort, for it all hurts so damn much.

And I don’t get it, I swear I don’t…I don’t get hate, vitriol, bias, ignorance…I don’t get power grabs considered more valuable than the heartbeats of our children – anywhere in the world.  What are we doing?   Kleenex stock must be doing really well, for I’m certainly using my share.

And yet…yet, I hope.  I hope that you all receive all that you wish for and wish for all that you have.  I wish that the orbit of the earth, spins just slightly askew, so that we can stop perhaps, rewind and try again to create something enduring and universally  reflective of the beauty of the heart.  I hope…for all of us..


Smiles from the threshold of the year to come

Whispering, ‘it will be happier’ –  Alfred Tennyson


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41 thoughts on “Heartbeats”

  1. I’m going to choose to: 1) camp out on this beautiful line “They were in the moments with Sophie’s head on my shoulder or singing (so to speak) on our walks” and bask in your close (Whispering, ‘it will be happier’ – Alfred Tennyson) and 2) relish in how lucky I am for our friendship. Happy Holidays Mimi. Happy Holidays. Dave

    1. Ah Dave, you’ve got me reaching for the Kleenex lucky we BOTH are for this friendship that lives and thrives in the ether. Happy Holidays my dear friend, to you and Susan and Rachel and Eric – and all those you hold close..m

  2. You did not disappoint. You put your paintbrush to canvas, once again, and created a masterpiece that speaks to all of us. And, probably resonates as well. Hope. It’s all we have to hold on to notwithstanding the people in our lives that make our orbit worthwhile. From my home to yours I wish you a season of miracles and as always consider our friendship one of my greatest blessings. Happy Holidays. Here’s hoping that for one day we can all leave the real world behind and dream. See you on the other side in the new home. All my love. All there is.

  3. Well said, special heart. My prayers are added to yours – that you and Andy will be filling your new home with your own unique brand of gladness and care next week. May every possible joy live within its walls. xxx

  4. Happy Holidays, Mims. From our family to you and yours. Here’s to a hopeful, more peaceful and kinder 2017. Big hugs!

    P.S. Let me know when you finally decide to write a book – I will be the first in line at the book signing!

    1. Happy Holidays Vishie! I miss you tons and wish you Randy and Damani a fabulous new year…and yes, if I ever write a book, I’ll definitely let you know – ’cause you’ll be the only one buying it! xoxo

      1. Considering your fan base here, I find that hard to believe! Love you and miss you lots and lots!

  5. Beautifully said. I too have been struggling with the faces and unearthly images that are the day to day of actual people. How do we as a species continue to let this happen, I don’t understand. And when I look inward to my own home and family, some of the beauty and color fades and guilt creeps in. I guess what I do is look around my own little part of the world and try to make positive changes where I can. And I continue to keep the uncomfortable horrors uncovered and thought of, because tucking them away and trying to forget them would be even worse.

    And after that sad note – I do wish you peace and more magical life moments. I have missed writing and peeking into my blog friends’ worlds. I am glad you are still here.

  6. Ah sweet friend, you are once again tapping on the ethos of so many in your orbit who are struggling to hang onto hope and happiness in days that seem deluged with sadness, negativity and astonishing vitriol. It is hard to know where to turn for lightness these days, and yet I, too, cling to the hope that wiser, kinder minds will prevail, for what else is there? Sending you and Andy and your beautiful family all the love your hearts can hold….xoxo, l

    1. Precious friend, you know that I wish you and David all the love and joy and happiness in the world. That the universe treats you gently and with abundance in all good things. And yes, may our prayers be heard that kinder, wiser heads prevail as we move into a new year…xoxo, m

  7. Happy Holidays Mim…wishing you a stress-free move into your forever home. May it be forever filled with the light that is your soul, the wisdom that is your mind, and the love that is your heart. God Bless you and all you hold dear. Peace and an end to all this sadness in 2017. xoxo

  8. Ahhh Mimi

    I totally am with you on this. I do not get it either. We must be strong and continue to pursue peace, love, kindness and hope every day with those we encounter.

    I too have used more than my share of Kleenex 😦

    Blessings to you and your family and wishing you wonderful New Year, as we must make it that way no matter what comes our way.


    1. All the most heartfelt wishes for you and your family, Tina. May 2017 be a year of wonder, joy and peace. And Kleenex only for when we have colds.😉

  9. Thank you for another tender, open-hearted post. You, ever so gently situate us in pretty, then draw us into the BIG hurting, ugly world reality, and finally ease the pain with hope and your love. We can’t leave the same…but we shouldn’t.

    I hope some of your candles are lit in your new home next week. Surely they remind us that hopeless can be changed. I believe it isn’t too late to change the world.

    May EVERY nook and cranny of your home get filled with love and giggles and hope and joy.

  10. Thank you, Mimi, for articulating much of what I feel. I don’t know how to explain it; I really don’t. There is all this sadness and horror and I feel it, yet, at times, I also feel overwhelming joy at the beauty all around me. This is life, this is our world, all a gift, not all understandable. So, I do what I can and always wish I could do more. And I continue to hope–a lot!

  11. You have touched on a feeling that so many have struggled with this year Mimi. We all have a huge capacity to support and share our love with each other and this is what I focus on and I hope that is what you receive in abundance in 2017. Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday break Mimi.

    1. Thank you so much…a year of such dramatic dichotomies…and yet, we must love more, give more, shine more…wishing you the very best of the season – now and throughout the new year…

  12. Beautiful post; capturing the beautiful moments of the year even if it wasn’t easy to do.
    Hoping your words lifted your heart as they did mine.
    Good health and happiness, peace and joy in 2017!

  13. You have expressed so well what is in many of our hearts. Thank you Mimi from mine to yours. 💕
    May we all come together in a surge of humanity and kindness! xo

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