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Dearest Simon,

It has been too long since I’ve written – but if you knew how often I think about you and Jilly, you would feel overwhelmed with warmth, friendship and arguably quiet smiles.  You are so loved.

Your pictures have filled me with delight (and is there any way I can make copies of some of them – seriously – I want them in my new house) and comfort and hope.  Even when hope sometimes seems too ephemeral to hold.

This is going to be a bit political, perhaps more than a bit.  I ask that people refrain from posting ‘hate’ rebuttals.  At the risk of sounding harsh – you are entitled to your opinion as much as I’m entitled to mine.  But this is my blog, so perhaps you can begin your own if you want.

Audrey Niffenegger wrote – “There is only one page left to write on.  I will fill it with words of only one syllable.  I love.  I have loved.  I will love.”

I don’t understand what is happening in our world.  I don’t understand why we don’t hold our children in the highest esteem – so that we raise them in a world that doesn’t feel like it’s one breath away from self-implosion.  I can’t wrap my head around vitriol, hate, rage that foments more rage, violence that – like a cattle prod –  propels people to consider more violence.  Yes, this is about Orlando.  Yes, this is about insincere apologies (if they are offered at all) and veiled intimations that extremism is the best answer to extremism.  What can I say?  I’m an aging woman who marched after Kent State and was hit with lead pipes for doing so, who wore a necklace for too many years with the expression “war is not healthy for children and other living things”.  And yes, it turned my neck a hideous shade of green.

I wasn’t going to write about this today.  I was going to tell you a funny story about my new temporary neighborhood.  It can wait.

There is no comfortable way to end this – other than by sending love to you and your family.  To insist that I will just try greater kindness, find opportunities for compassion and work like crazy to make sure that my walk and my talk are in sync.  There really is only one page left – and we are writing it with our words and deeds.  I write to you because I write with the deepest, most loving conviction.  We have to stop killing each other.  We have to stop jumping from individual perceptions to massive generalizations.  One person at a time, one heart at a time, arms wide open.  So, with head bowed and heart hopeful and saddened, I send much love, Mimi


40 thoughts on “Disbelief”

  1. No words to add. All of us have had heavy hearts since yesterday. Sadly they’re not any lighter this morning.

  2. All of us humans were left with heavy hearts by yesterday’s events in Orlando. Sadly, this morning they’re not any lighter. Love to you.

  3. Sending you much love and gratitude for your poignant words. You inspire me no matter the topic.
    My best wishes for peace and harmony in your new home and neighborhood.
    Love Fran

  4. I take little comfort saying yesterday’s events shocked me. Does it make me ridiculous to be shocked in this decade and more of death, hate, intolerance, and extremism? I don’t know; some who consider it the new normal may see it that way. But I have hope, and more so faith, that the day will come when our fellow human beings see the light of our world instead of just the darkness. And to do that…we must do exactly as you say here…we must try harder to capture and pay forward, the kindnesses, blessings, tolerances, and love that we each are capable of receiving, accepting, and most importantly…re-creating. My heavy heart lifts only when I read messages from the heart of people like you, your friends, and followers…for it is only through speaking out, reaching out, and handing up are we ever going to survive. Thank you Mim for inspiring all who read your heart. xoxo

    1. WW, you offer a path of hope…and I’m thankful for that – and you. I keep politics to myself, for the most part…but somehow my heart wouldn’t let these horrible tragedies go unrecognized. Handing up – I love that…xo,m

      1. I do walk a path of hope and any and all are welcome to walk that path right along side me. The other side of hope’s coin is resignation and that is not the journey we are on. Glad we are walking together SK…xoxo

  5. I am struggling to find the words, and am grateful that you had some for us. And the best kind I might add…you filled the page with love. xoxoxo

  6. I’m so sorry we didn’t get a chance to connect last week – any chance I could call you this afternoon (Pacific time) or some time this week to catch up?

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  7. Very dear Mimi: you know, we do feel the love, even across miles and miles of ocean. And I want you to know that we’re with you in spirit – in this time of transition in your life, in this time of transition in your great country, and in the times of upheaval and shocking trauma that leave us all gasping for breath.

    Intuition keeps us in touch as much as the written word. I can’t quite explain that. It just is. And intuitive sense of how things are with you and Andy applies to dear Lori too. It’s a great and awe-inspiring mystery – this close friendship across great distance. And that mystery gives me hope in Life and Love, even in the times when neither words nor contemplation of events make any sense.

    “I love. I have loved. I will love.” Now those words do make sense: so even in your pain and unknowing, Mimi dear, you reach out to others. Yet again you give us something to hang on to. And in sending great love to you and yours in return we pray, heartily, that this being united in love and friendship gives you something to hang on to, too.

    Though, fittingly, we must wait for it for a little while, we’ll so look forward to your funny story. And in the meantime we pray with you for Orlando and beyond – largely in the silence of unknowing – out of which flows, from time to time, a “still, small voice of calm”.

    Your loving friendship means so much to so very many of us. Ours is a simple chorus: “Hey, Mimi, we love you!”

    S & J xxx

    1. Ah Simon..I love you, too…think about you and your family so often and truly look forward to the day when we’re all sitting together. You are right about our across-the-pond connection – Lori and I are so very blessed, believe me. And I did mean it about some of your photos – is there any way? Love to you and J..xoxo, M&A&L☺️

      1. You’re a treasure. Of course there’s a way where any of my photos are concerned. I’m touched – not to say flabbergasted! – that you should be interested in them. Right click and save as … but if you have the slightest difficulty I’d be glad to print anything you like and send it. As ever, thank you for being such a lovely encourager xxx

      2. I’ll try and if I have a problem, I’ll let you know..thank you SO much! And I think you’ve got it turned around dear friend – YOU are the treasure…xx

  8. Thank you for caring and sharing love. I am so tired of hateful responses. The only solution to the world of hate is love and more love.

  9. Love will win. I hope it always wins. This isn’t the world I wanted to give my son. But, each day, we teach him to be compassionate, loving and accepting. I hope future generations do the same and acts of violence and hatred such as these are only etched in history rather than fresh in our minds. Love you, Mims.

    1. Hi Visnja, I know that you and Randy teach Damani love and compassion – and with hope, he will be among those who change the world into an orb of peace, acceptance and gratitude. He’s that kind of boy and your those kind of parents. Love you…

  10. Love this and love you Mimi. I too am a “peacenik” who has never stopped marching. Only the venue has changed from college campuses to the world-wide Internet. Much love my kindred sister. Keep shining your light.

    1. Hi Jan…if we don’t speak out for peace, equity, kindness, health – then what the heck are we doing here?😉 Love and thank you!

      1. The blessings in the mire of all the hate is that we shine by contrast, and we are reminded to love even more, and in greater depths. Much love to all. xox

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