The Greatest Speech Ever Made – Charlie Chaplin

And it’s still timely…

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This is 3½ minutes very well spent…

The speech itself is from a comedy directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin. First released in October 1940, Chaplin plays two characters who look strikingly similar- a jewish barber and a dictator who looks like Adolf Hitler. Near the end of the film, after a series of bizarre incidents, the dictator gets replaced by his look-alike, the barber, and is taken to the capital where he is asked to give a speech.

It’s worth watching because the speech is as relevant today as it was 71 years ago. The full transcript of the speech can be found below the video.

I’m sorry but I don’t want to be an Emperor – that’s not my business – I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible, Jew, gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one…

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15 thoughts on “The Greatest Speech Ever Made – Charlie Chaplin”

  1. Tough reflection for a Tuesday. Timely, most certainly. Just thinking about the quote “those who do not remember history are condemned to repeat it” and wondering if we are the only ones listening in social studies class all those years ago? Where is humanity? I absolutely think this should be part of the Social Studies curriculum in 10th or 11th grade. Great find, Mimi. Thanks for today’s food for thought (keeps my weight down too 😉

  2. What a great movie and message this must have been at that time and today as well. Thanks for finding and sharing this speech and sparking my mind with food for thought. Now I want to find and watch the movie. Have a great day! Xo Fran

  3. from goosebumps to tears. So powerful. Chaplin was a master–as a child I watched plenty of CC (basic cable, right?) and he was such an expressive actor.

    I wish this struck chords with the men in power–who are somehow considerably less human than just regular men.

  4. Wow. Amen. Yes, So so timely. I agree with the comments, all of them and what you said in response to Lori…sad that “we” still need to hear this….. xoxo

  5. hi my gorgeous mims as it happens i have come across this piece of excellence before though i would still thank you for sharing such brilliance, but really i just wanted to find a little space where i could say hi, i have read and loved your other posts but as always you have so many replies -i feel like you know when there is a huge crowd of people, all adults, all chuntering and chattering and some little snot nosed kid is trying to find a way through and not being able to, a little jump here and a try for any opening i can find, but never is there space in the tide of voices for that little snot nosed kid which is me ^_^ and i cannot fight against the tide of voices that i see, please don’t get me wrong my lovely, i love that you have such lovely people all wanting to chat to you but like any kid who wants some attention i sulk when faced with a long line of waiting, soon as i see something like 53 thoughts on this post or 82 thoughts on this post then i wander off and read the next one, now scold me if you like my darling mims but i have always suffered impatience and i know it is unbecoming of me, it really is one of my worst habits and this is me all mellowed out in my advanced years! think how irritating i must have been when younger! it’s amazing i ever had any friends ^_^ ahh my lovely i just wanted to say i am glad the karma truck merely had a pit stop for there are those me included that need to hear your voice and your kindness, you have the sweetest soul i have ever come across my lovely mims, and lastly i wanted to say brilliant blog posts my lovely, as always insightful and always sweet, love and hugs to you always my excellent mims keep the karma truck going we need you mims xx

    1. My lovely friend, There is ALWAYS room for you! I don’t see you as a little voice struggling to be heard in a room full of grown-ups. I look for you – all the time. You will never be lost in any crowd – your words and your presence are too special…xox

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