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Leave The Door Open

This video stayed with me.  The changing aspect of love’s reality.  What we’re sure we define as love when our notebooks are covered with hearts and initials inside them, notes are passed and love songs are written expressly for you.  Believing that it lasts forever, when one really has no concept of what that means.  Love in later years, with fewer illusions and more complications, yet felt with a deeper understanding of the rapidity with which time passes.  Learning to stay in love and learning to let go should one need to.  Remembering to keep the door open to the possibility that it will return in a different form, with a different song and open arms.  Let love in – however you define it.


39 thoughts on “Leave The Door Open”

  1. As it resonated through the chapters of my life it was accompanied by knowing smiles and, admittedly, a few tears. Another keeper. Another precious reminder of your glorious ability to touch upon the perfect and share it. Another reminder that some of those hearts we drew on our notebooks in 7th grade (& book covers) had the same names on them; written, crossed-out and replaced, written again… All the memories that this morning’s ride on the karma truck evoked leave me, once again, enlightened by the journey and feeling so very lucky we, both, finally figured it out. ❤

  2. I loved it! (Though I remember some prior loves very often bringing more pain than what I thought was depicted in this wonderful video. Perhaps it was just me–the pain and or perception of the depiction.)


  3. How affecting! As an *ahem* older woman now, I’ve gone through lots of life, relationships, and a divorce. Love is and isn’t all that they express. And as you wisely point out, Mimi, love has fewer illusions and more complications. Wouldn’t it be a joyful substitution to have one less advanced physics class and one more beginner course on love in real life?

  4. Laughing – I’ve certainly had my share of ‘experiences’ as well…and yet, I wonder, if we had had a class in Love 101, would we have heeded any of its lessons? 🙂

  5. fantastic! Though they were still pretty young and idealistic, do you think? I’d hate to thing I’m old and cynical, but love goes beyond even what they’re saying. More and more I’m seeing it’s less about who the other person in and more about who you can (or can’t) be. lol, would love your thoughts on marriage, too, as mine is getting no att’n what with the motherhood thing and all. It’s crazy and insane, all of it. Glad to have found your karma truck for the occasional grounding. (not in the sense that I can’t leave the house thought that sounds lovely)

    I have a rum drink and brownies waiting for you, Mimi!

    1. Ah Liz, what I wouldn’t give for a visit – with or without food (but if you’re offering…)….Marriage is in the percolator actually – prompted by this video. You’re right – they are young and already they see how it morphs and changes..add some kids, a little mid-life angst, realities of aging parents and aging selves and you have quite an olio!!

    1. It does – but then again, these are still young people offering their perceptions. I may write about the other part in a coming post..

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