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Living In The Bubble

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I’ve decided to live in my awesome bubble today, so if you feel like fomenting trouble, please move along.  I’m occupied with silliness.

It’s been a long time since I woke up feeling the need to be silly.  It started when I took the pups out and saw that the only thing the moon was revealing was a smile.  Which made me smile too.  Bogey began to chuff at … nothing.  His bravery is impressive when there’s nothing to challenge it.  My hero.  It wasn’t one of those banner sleep nights, so you can toss this up to that slightly frantic goofiness caused by too much caffeine over too short a period of time.  No matter – I’m in the bubble.  At least until I crawl back into bed.

“Be happy for this moment.  This moment is your life” — Omar Khayyam

Smart guy, that Omar.  He got me thinking.  For reasons one could ascribe to astrology, biorhythms, synchronized moments in time, etc – some of my friends are struggling at the moment.  Feeling overwhelmed, too lonely, disappointed, histories that they want to get over yet keep repeating, selective memory retrieval that prohibits touching grace.

Join me in here for a minute.  Seriously.  I am thinking that it’s never too late to create the relationships you always wanted; the ones that hint at why you’re dissatisfied with the ones that you currently have.  What is the unrealized fantasy that pulls on your shirt sleeve as you struggle to move forward?  What does it look like?  Create it.  Live it.  Remember the kid that lives inside us all is waiting for you to rectify history.  Fix it.  Be the parent that you didn’t have.  Speak to yourself as if you were speaking to your most loved friend.  Get silly, get loving, get over these hurdles that others may have put there, but you have allowed to remain.  Risk being happy.  No one will hold you accountable for that state of mind every moment of every day.  The onus isn’t as great as the weight of being an indifferent bystander in your own life.

My intent is not to make any of this sound easy or trite.  My intent is to dilute the ‘buts’ and ‘can’t work’ to a manageable trickle instead of a waterfall.  To engage the muscles that stretch most when moving in joy.  To help you find your ‘tickle’ spot and wake it up.  And if all of this is just too much for a Sunday morning – I hope at least that you smile, that you savor one moment in your morning.  Catch yourself grinning.

50 thoughts on “Living In The Bubble”

  1. i hope that you are enjoying your bubble today, mimi. and what a wonderful post about the power each of us has to change what what we deem worth changing.

    1. You are so kind – thank you. And I think it’s going to be just delightful in my bubble today. As for what we can change – it’s a reminder we all need.

  2. How did you know exactly what my insomniac self needed this morning? I love thinking of Bogey being brave in the face of…nothing. The kitties love to start a little something with the raccoons through the safety of the glass. Silliness has to start with our pets…I’m in the bubble…thanks for dragging me in when I needed it the most!

    1. Ah my sleepless friend – come on over, the coffee is still hot. I guess this is exactly what I needed too (though I’m feelin’ a nap coming over me pretty soon). There is no greater sense of the absurd than watching animals feign bravery in the face of their fantasies (your cats imagining their bravery when looking through the glass door at the raccoons; Bogey alerting the outdoors of his arrival when there is neither hide nor hair of life). xo

  3. 1) Chuff? Mid point between bark and growl? 2) Post reminds me of Hogarth to Iron Giant: “You are what you choose to be. You choose. Choose.” 3) Like George Winston, in the first few bars (lines in your case), I can feel my pulse slow, my eyes tracking softness and gentleness – and I’m transported. Thanks the beautiful carpet ride on this Sunday Morning.

    1. Or a riff on Yoda? “There is no standing still. Choose or choose not” Ok – that was really bad. I like yours much better. And happy that you found a connection between this and a carpet ride.

  4. What great words to wake up to this morning! I hope you are enjoying your bubble stay and know that you did indeed give me pause and a smile.

  5. How true! Those occasional too much caffeine, not enough sleep, do you proud. I bought a (pessimistic) friend a poster that reads:No point in being pessimistic, it probably won’t work anyway. Meaning (for any who are STILL pessimistic) try on some optimism. It isn’t easy, I agree, but it’s an attitude change that can do a body (and mind) good.

    1. Hi Liz – well it may not have been totally silly, but it was certainly benign. Finished reading “The Visualist” which I highly recommend.. 🙂

  6. Wow. Your post started out so light, and then dropped off an existential cliff. I am so about not sleepwalking through our one precious life. Thanks for this reminder that we have more power than we think. XOXO

    1. That’s me – jumping off the existential cliff and having no clue what got me there. It’s funny Lynne – I suppose I’m so undisciplined about posting, because I wait for a thought to come to me which doesn’t want to let go. Rather, it prefers morphing as I go. May not make for a successful career – but perhaps an interesting post or two. 😉

  7. Love the whole “bubble” idea and just so you know…You found my “tickle spot” as well cause this one just made me giggle!
    Thank You for starting my day with a little bounce in my step 🙂
    Carry On Sunshine!!

  8. I just saw this; missing the best advice of the day had I opened my mail yesterday morning. I love the joy in your bubble, your ability to find pleasure and silliness in life’s simplest moments. I wish I had known, I would have found a way to spend the day in the bubble with you -provided I wouldn’t cause it to burst 🙂 Miss your positivity, your message, your wisdom and your knowing when the time is right its is perfectly okay to insulate yourself inside the beauty of a bubble. Untouchable. Remembering the person within. I have the visual and you look so happy. That, alone, makes me smile. All there is.

  9. You my love, are not only the driver of that Karma Truck, you are also the Navigator! What a brilliant but loving kick in the keester…and so timely as to be startling! I LOVE that you found yourself in the silly bubble today, but let’s be real…your silly is our “I should’a had a V-8” moment, with a tickle on the side. I’m glad I checked in today during my ‘slightly busy, slightly overwhelming’ moment…just so I could be brought back to the here and now, the single moment of joy in the knowing you are there, and I am here, and in the grand scheme of things…life is just a series of bumps in the road, but the real test is whether we fall over them or jump them for all we are worth. It’s a jump worth taking along with your lesson worth learning…it’s a good day….xoxo love you Mim

    1. Oh WW, I LOVE your comment!! And may I just say that I have more than my share of “I could’ve had a V-8 moment!” No navigational skill here – just ask my husband. But that’s a story for another day. I’m in the bubble. And if we’re in the bubble, we’ll just roll over those bumps honey, none the worse for

  10. that video is incredible–the Boogie Woogie Bugle boy…the Beyonce pure “oh-oh-ohs”…man. If you only got one song stuck in your head for the rest of your life–this is the one.

    great post. It’s always better to focus on how great it all is–instead of otherwise…animals are an awesome kaleidoscope…:)

    super reminder.

    1. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it – the music, the animals – forget that they probably had to rehearse like crazy. I’m a sucker and a sap..

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