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It’s Been Awhile

I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks – not sure why, other than lethargy, winter, stomach bug – a familiar drill for many I’m sure.  During this time I received notification from our friends at WP that this blog has been around for two years.  So Happy Anniversary to all of us on the karma truck.  Thank you for joining me on this ride, providing direction and encouragement when I wasn’t sure the GPS was working, and for sharing so much of yourselves with me.  I think that has been the most humbling, awesome, breathtaking part of this ride.  There are no better passengers out there.

On the one hand, not much has happened while I’ve been parked; so much has happened while I’ve been parked. It all depends on your perspective I guess.  This life – perhaps it’s all about measurement (which is a bit unfortunate since I am truly terrible with numbers).  But it seems that when measured in days, it can seem so unremarkable, yet when measured in moments it is so rich and full and ridiculous and heartbreaking.

Sir Bogart is now a full-fledged member of the round table.  No longer the precious-though-not-too-smart junior ‘Sir’ of a short three months ago.

Photo on 9-6-13 at 2.06 PM

I realize that we should have named him ‘No-Bogey’ or ‘NoBo’, for it does seem like the most oft-used moniker.  Goofy.  Stubborn.  Selectively hard-of-hearing.  Crazy affectionate.  Yummy.  Yesterday he discovered the basket of wool in the family room and proceeded to unravel a few skeins as he jogged around the house.  I could have been mad, but it reminded me of how our house looked one Halloween after being t-p’ed by my son’s friends.   Don’t get me wrong – I did assume the stance of the stern disciplinarian, albeit a bit insincerely.

NoBo also likes coffee – which really does evoke my ire.  Again, my bad – I walked out of the kitchen for a moment, only to return to see him on the table, enthusiastically downing my morning’s first mug.  And yes, he was wired for hours – think Road Runner taunting Will E. Coyote.  Sirs Archie and Theodore steered clear of the whirling dervish that day.  Lesson learned – mine, not his.  Whither I goest, goest my mug.  Even the decaf.


We all lived through being hugged too hard by the polar vortex.  I love living where the four seasons announce themselves with little subtlety, but we all could have passed on this kinda cold.  An exaggeration of what winter does to me – I hibernate, read a lot, delight in the aromas that emanate from the slow cooker, worry too much, resolve too little.  Winter – the classic reaction formation – come here, go away.   I love the moments and find the days meld.   “One has to build shelters.  One had to make pockets and live inside them” — Lorrie Moore.  This is what winter provides – permission to live inside one’s self while still being engaged with the larger world.  I guess this is me peeking outside of my pocket, wanting to see you and say ‘hi’.



58 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile”

  1. Bogie sounds a lot like my husband — “Goofy. Stubborn. Selectively hard-of-hearing. Crazy affectionate. Yummy. ” Fortunately for him, he never stole my Starbucks! Congrats on 2 years and the days are getting longer now!

  2. Hi back! Love this phrase: “permission to live inside one’s self while still being engaged with the larger world.” Sounds lovely–something I aspire to, but not sure am wired for living inside myself. (translate to “can’t keep my mouth shut”) But admire those who are.

    NoBo is PERFECT. And funny about the coffee. We have a cat, who doesn’t get into our food ever, so it’s fun to hear your stories. Great photos–both the one of you together and his solo. Wanting to pet that coat!

    Thanks for sharing yourself 😀

    1. Hi Liz – it’s good to ‘see’ you…It’s funny, I’m pretty insular, though everyone thinks I’m totally ‘out there’..hmm…have to think about that for a minute for those who know me really really well, know that I hide an awful lot of myself. Maybe that’s why we connect so well – you can be the vocal one and I can stand behind you nodding in agreement. 😉
      NoBo is pretty perfect for a pup who’s elevator doesn’t seem to go all the way to the top. When I’m not kissing him, I’m telling him ‘no’ – seriously!!

  3. I found myself smiling, laughing, and with a non-stop grin as I experienced your delightful post, Mimi. One of my favorite traditions in beginning my day is to read your posts. They so often brighten my day and lift my spirits. I’ve missed you, and am glad you took time out for yourself.

  4. Don’t have to apologize for the absence – the words will out when they’re ready… 🙂

    As far as NoBo – glad to see him fitting into the pack. We’ve nicknamed our cat “FoMo” – Fear of Missing Out. He has to be involved in everything. Also stick his face into my morning oatmeal because he’s always looking to sip on the almond milk I use. I usually give him the measuring cup I use – but if I forget, FoMo gets to work on my breakfast!


  5. Hi! Waving at you…Hi! Hi!!

    Happy two years! We are on the same trajectory, I got my little notice back around Thanksgiving. Remarkable, isn’t it?!! Two years in the writing. who knew! Love the the history we have created with and for each other. When it’s just the moments in front of us, it’s one thing, but to see and feel all those moments strung together in our dashboards and comments and this community, well, wow. Just wow.

    And NoBo….OMG..that is perfect in every way. He’s his own man, that is for damn straight. I am about spitting out my coffee laughing at the image of him amped up on caffeine. Oh Bogey, um, I mean, NoBo. Keep on truckin’ my wonderful friend! xoxo

    1. So happy you’re on the ride with me BonBon..and this little boy sends many puppy licks, for he still has a wealth of them in reserve. I too love this history we’ve created – and appreciate the conversations – both in person and in cyberspace – upon which our future continues..xo

  6. I *thought* I heard the Karma Truck revving its engine a few days ago–how lovely to see it back on the block. 😉 Congrats on your two-year anniversary–feel so blessed to have you and The Sirs in my life.

    And speaking of the Sirs, I know that ‘NoBo’ is a pill, but damn he’s cute! And if it’s any consolation, he’s got a cousin to the North who goes by a host of monikers including ‘Wait!’ ‘EhhhEhhh!’ ‘Down!’ and ‘Oh no you didn’t!!’ 😉

    Looking forward to the rest of the ride, sweet friend, for you drive this truck like no other I know. All there is… xoxo, l

    1. Yup, you knew I had the key in the ignition..;-) Funny that NoBo’s cousin up North also answers to some similar names – but I know that gorgeous boy and he’s just festive in his love of life. Bogey has yet to even ‘get’ that part.
      I’m the fortunate driver honey, ’cause I’ve got you on the road with me..xox, m

    1. You are so right – he is a comic (and he doesn’t even know it). He’s also a rollicking, somewhat addled ball of trouble – and I wouldn’t have it any other way..well, maybe I’d forgo a little of the mischief-making)..

      1. I have two labs who will be 11 years old in the Spring and then two Boston’s one will be 3 and the other just turned 2 they are sisters. The Boston’s run marathons around the labs, but they are best of buddies. My husband and I get so much joy and laughter just watching these gals, we don’t know what we would do without them. I guess we would be pushing our children for grandchildren 🙂

      2. Laughing…perhaps we would do the same (despite knowing that our kids will do what they want to do when they’re ready to do it). Four pups – you rock TIna!!

  7. Hi…from my pocket to yours. This was such a great side trip for me today…thanks Mim. I love your Bogeyman…love the ups and downs and sideways of him and love how he blends with the other boring to have them all the same, and so NOT how life is. We both know, kids raised in the same house by the same parents can be as different as night and day…no logic, just how it is…and how it should be. Stay warm, tucked in, surrounded by love on sides…that’s perfection in my book…xoxo

    1. It’s so true – whether it’s kids or fur-kids, our interactions are different and perceived differently by each. I hope you’re feeling better and stronger each day, and that you too feel love all around you (and have abundant opportunities to snuggle with your grandson)..xo

      1. I’m am feeling stronger actually…nothing brings out the intestinal fortitude like a good old fashioned kick in the butt! I have not had nearly enough face time with the little guy, but once I’m able to get on the road again, I shall remedy that. One bright side though (well, bright may not be the right word), Matt is arriving from Alaska 9 days from today, for a much needed two week visit. Poor guy has gone from the top of Mt. McKinley to the bottom of the Arctic in one fell swoop…his fiancé has called everything off. Seems she’s not ready for ANY kind of relationship less a marriage. He needs some Mom and Me time.

      2. I’m so sorry to hear about Matt’s fiancee (though one could say that it’s better this happened sooner rather than later – but that doesn’t diminish his hurt I’m sure)!! He will definitely be the better for spending some time with his mom – and my hunch it’ll be good for his mom too.

      3. You are correct on both counts Mim…I’m a little relieved she called it off honestly. For some reason, I always had a little prickle about the ‘changes’ she was suggesting Matt needed to make in order for her to be happy. Never a good way to begin. He’s going to be engulfed in love for those couple weeks, by us, and his brother, and it will do him a world of good to be reminded by those that know him best, that he need not change one single thing about himself in order to receive as much love as he gives…when it’s the right woman. 🙂

      4. My grandmother supposedly said “one doesn’t get married to go into the alteration business”…spot on I think. And he deserves only the best kind of love …

    1. Hi LouAnn, I’m glad I stuck my head out too. I think I got into the rhythm of no rhythm if that makes any sense. Thank you first and foremost for your friendship, and for your perspective about my writing. I value your opinion very much and you certainly made my heart feel far warmer than the thermometer suggests.

  8. Bogey certainly gets by on sheer cuteness! It should be a crime! Glad to see your post, Mimi and I’m glad you’re feeling better. I’m so glad to have met you here and I always look forward to reading your wonderful perspectives. But Winter can sometimes be an important time to hunker down and I’m glad you listen to those biorhythms!

    1. Thank you Cathy – I too am so happy that we have met in this blogosphere – I’m so enriched and the better for it! As for listening to my biorhythms, this stomach thing has felled me so hard, it’s been a case of my body yelling at me to settle down for a bit.. 😉

  9. Hearing from you warmed my heart and I delighted in every word. I totally understand how you sometimes need to take a break and snuggle up with a cute pup or book. That Bogie looks like a stuffed toy. I love riding the Karma Truck with you and all the passengers. xo Fran

  10. Captures the essence of winter ennui–which supersedes weather, I think. It’s 80 here in SB, and I have the winter blues, so go figure!

    Great picture of you and Nobo…and who could get mad at the yarn thing? it helped you spin one of your own!

    And what an expressive face; he practically jumps through the screen, and the closing picture, well…Hope floats. 🙂

    1. Laughing – those are always the ones you have to look our for LouAnn (I type this as he’s trying to engage his sleeping fur-bro in a game of ..anything). 😉

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