The greatest kindness

Loving and letting go may not seem to go hand in hand – and yet..

Dr Bill Wooten

“Love is sometimes shown in the things you don’t say, don’t keep track of and don’t notice. The greatest kindness is often shown in letting things go. None of us is perfect, but we can all be perfect friends and perfect partners by allowing those that we love to be imperfect. Give those around you the “break” that you hope the world will give you on your own “bad day” and you’ll never, ever regret it.” ~ Neale Donald Walsch


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31 thoughts on “The greatest kindness”

      1. I can’t even imagine…the gaggle we have around here typically spend an inordinate amount of time gossiping (probably about each other). And yeah, I do try and find the better side of most situations – though sometimes it’s a challenge…

  1. The perfect post for this time of year. It has provided much needed motivation to get up from this chair and get cookin’. Wishing you and yours the same that I wish for myself and mine. All there is. Always. Happy Thanksgiving!

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