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Giving Thanks

Before you head off for parts known, before you begin developing a familiar intimacy with your ovens and stoves, before your refrigerator begs you to refrain from adding one more thing…

There are so many clichés associated with being thankful – and I doubt that I will come up with anything new. Yet, in advance of the arrival of our family, I felt the need to extend my thoughts to all of you.  I’m thankful for so much and words fail me (which I submit is a good thing).  I am truly blessed with a family I adore, a husband who humors my nuttiness and sons/daughters-in-law who accept that their mom is as corny as a Hallmark commercial.  I have an amazing sister who I adore and will miss on Thursday (along with my nephews and niece who will be having their own family Thanksgiving in NY).  I can appreciate the beginning of a new day and I can delight in the feeling of snuggling into bed at day’s end.  I have a body that complains each day and yet we’re still getting along.  I know bountiful love.  We’ve got three pups – two of whom are perfect and one who is re-calibrating the spectrum of mischief that I used to consider part and parcel of puppyhood.  Our home is my sanctuary; I have never felt safer.

I am thankful for all of you who have come to read this blog, write to me and share your thoughts, inspire me with your encouragement and humor.  I love that I have learned so much from your posts, taking to heart much of what you have written and incorporating it into my being.  My friends – in cyberspace or in my physical reality – you are in this orbit of gratitude which circles rhythmically through my life.  And so, you all should be told as often as possible, just how much you are appreciated.  Would that we took the time to say these things more frequently than once or twice a year.  For those who are celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday – I wish you stuffed tummies, full hearts, TUMS and love.  Actually, this thought holds regardless of whether there’s a turkey in the oven.  I’m heading deep into the heart of cooking territory for the next few days, so I send this to you now.  Thank you for being who you are to me.



38 thoughts on “Giving Thanks”

  1. Ah, Mimi – another home run! Life is good. Embrace it. Know that my spirit is sitting at your table as you will be sitting at mine. Another thing to be thankful for and I am, with all my heart. Happiest of holidays. Pray for the chestnuts. They look sort of iffy. I figure when I roast them, they’ll “pep” right up.

  2. MimMi–I was just clicking over, to share your wonderful site on Twitter before I go for a run–for which I am very thankful–and loved your message. It resounds with truth. I know it will be, but want to say: have the best holiday. You are a truck full of great vibes. 🙂

  3. Love this, honey. It positively radiates the warmth and love that is the essence of YOU. May your home be filled with love, laughter and delicious smells over these next few days….All there is…xoox, l

    1. I wish you were able to come this year honey – you and David have an open invitation…I wish you a warm, love and laugh-filled holiday weekend – with loads of time to relax and enjoy..all there is..xox, m

  4. Beautifully said as always. Have a wonderful time in your safe haven my lovely woman, am so glad you’ll be surrounded by those that love you for you! Happy Thanksgiving to you all…xoxo

    1. Thank you WW – if you’re in Vermont, I think that means you’re with your mom and dad – hopefully maximizing your time together as only you can. Wishing you loads of love and laughter and memories made.xox

  5. Happy Thanksgiving and love that you’re purposely thankful for so many things! I have much to be thankful for as well, but am often too worn out and frazzled to take stock. (Thanksgiving food pun—heehee). Wishing you well on your journey into the heart of cooking territory. I am thankful for Mimi and her Karma truck 🙂

    1. As I am thankful for you Liz – worn out and frazzled though you may be. Cornbread and cranberry stuffing is made, pumpkin pie completed, cranberry orange relish done. Tomorrow is bring the turkey day, chestnut stuffing and sweet potato casserole. Veggies wait until Thursday…I think I’m actually getting a whiff of frazzled myself!

  6. I have so much to be thankful for it could take me all the way until next Thanksgiving to name them, so I try to be thankful for a few each and every day. Having you in my life as a friend and a mentor is one of the things for which I am very grateful! Enjoy your family, rough and tumble with The Sirs and Junior Trouble, and have a warm, happy, safe holiday! XOXOXO

    1. How lucky are we that we have stayed in touch and deepened our friendship over these years. Things that are just supposed to be will not be denied. Happy Turkey Day honey – wishing you, Dan, Jack, Chrissie and Janet and the rest of your family an awesome holiday..xoxox

  7. Oh my…where to start! The list of gratitude is longer than Santa’s nice list! 🙂 You are good to bring me back to the moment of being with my gratitude, though it is rarely far from me these days. You are at the top of my list, you must know this, but by the slight chance it slipped your mind with all that steam coming off your stove, let me remind you! You are somethin’ else my dear, and I am so grateful that Mimi and the word Friend go hand in hand. Enjoy this holiday – as you are surrounded by all the love and all the’s all good! big hugs and much love…xoxo

    1. Who would have thought that two people on opposite coasts would have become so close (in real and cyber time)? Yes – BonBon and Friend go hand in hand and that is so flippin’ awesome. As for the craziness here? It’s 5:00 AM and the oven is pre-heating – time to roast the chestnuts. Love you honey bun and wish you a fantastic traveling Thanksgiving…xoxox

  8. This was such a lovely blog, Mimi and your words never fail you. After focusing on our Thanksgiving meal, it is so wonderful to enjoy this special day to profess to each other what we are thankful for. At my house today, my daughters wanted us to say what we are grateful for and at that moment we all can’t wait to say that it is each other. It’s a heartwarming holiday and thank you Mimi for warming my heart and all that you get that is good, you have given. xo Fran

    1. Happy Thanskgiving Fran – I love that your daughters elicited the question of thankfulness – what a testament to their mom! I have been given so much, I can only hope I have earned this good fortune and never stop paying that gratitude forward. I know it’s corny, but I believe that’s what karma is really all about. I am very thankful that you are in my life – even if it is in comments that are as heartwarming as yours always are. xox, m

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