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Welcome Sir Bogart

Well, we had a very calm ride home and so far, so good…The Sirs are a bit ambivalent – and Archie did try to share Bogey’s lunch…It’s been a challenge to get him out of Andy’s lap as you can see…



And now it’s nap time, and the newest Sir is making it very clear that he values his privacy.


Something tells me these next couple of weeks are going to make blogging a challenge – time snatched between trips to go potty.  But he is awfully cute..


54 thoughts on “Welcome Sir Bogart”

  1. He looks like a little stuffed animal! So sweet–and just about the luckiest puppy on earth; he just hit pay dirt! A home, a vacation home, a stay-at-home mom…all the best for the Junior Sir!

  2. Well, he’s hands down adorable, there’s no denying that….even his bum is cute! 🙂 I’m not Sure how to break this to Andy, but I think he’s officially been made a liege — and it hasn’t even been 12 hours! 🙂 cannot wait to meet the little puffball. Xoxoxo, l

  3. OMG, so gorgeous! I don’t know how old your other dog is but it’s so amazing how much energy a new “young’un” brings to a house. Now you have to be strong and not cave to everything he wants or maybe that boat has sailed!

  4. I can’t really discern who is cuter, the tiny precocious little pup or the handsome grown man who , despite his protestations, is clearly already smitten. Can’t wait to meet the newest member of your clan. I, too, am already head over heels. Mazel Tov!

    1. Jo this house is too funny right now…Andy can’t leave Bogey alone!! This the man who protested mightily and for so long..Can’t wait for you to meet the newest family member – he’s a snuggle bug and you will be smitten..xoxo

  5. So completely perfect!!! Just post a photo of Sir Bogart every few days and call it blogging!! You know we are all sitting here, ready to see the next photo!!! Welcome home most adorable little bit of fur, ever!! xoxo

    1. Thank you BonBon – and I will post some more. He’s a pretty easy subject to want to capture. And he slept with your toy in his crate last night – it’s the perfect size for him! xoxo

    1. Come on over – he’s a real snuggle-bug…scoots right up so he’s got his face in your neck. And that puppy smell? You need to visit..;-)

  6. congratulations new mama 🙂 I’ve heard puppies are a lot like babies, needing lots of attention. Enjoy! He’s one lucky pup.

    1. Yup – they do require a lot of time and attention. But unlike human babies – it doesn’t take nearly as long to get them going. If we can be diligent and a bit sleep deprived for a couple of weeks, we should have the bulk of the hard stuff down (most specifically potty training and sleeping). He’s already eating like he’s been without food his entire little life…:-)

  7. Love the name Bogey! Am I crazy or is it sexy to see a man on the floor cuddling a puppy? Seriously, other than seeing a man doing dishes, cuddling cuteness is up there with sexy. Lots and love & luck with your new addition.

  8. Oh my word. Stick around guys. I’m comin’ over … Bogart, you’re a very luck little fella. And gorgeous with it 🙂 xx

  9. Bogey looks like Andy’s little stuffed animal. You can’t get much cuter than that, Give Bogey a hug for me.

  10. congrats my darling mims on your beautiful pup and hopefully soon he will sleep through my ozboz has just started letting me sleep all the way through and its lovely ^_^ your home has more love added now and how wonderful is that ^_^ loving homes always grow ^_^ loves you mims xx

  11. I had to go back and see your little puppies today! They got me right out of my blues! So sweet and warm, love their little tongues when they give you ‘kisses’ as all good puppies do! Sir Bogart is a great name, by the way! Smiles, robin

    1. Bogey doesn’t ‘do’ the blues – he doesn’t allow them to come into the house. He allows some other stuff in the house which we don’t need to go into though.. 😉

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