I believe I will feel

Bill’s posts have been touching my heart for a long time now (and this is my second re-blog of his this week) – this one though, will echo for a long time..

Dr Bill Wooten

“I used to know a sculptor… He always said that if you looked hard enough, you could see where each person carried his soul in his body. It sounds crazy, but when you saw his sculptures, it made sense. I think the same is true with those we love… Our bodies carry our memories of them, in our muscles, in our skin, in our bones. My children are right here.” She pointed to the inside curve of her elbow. “Where I held them when they were babies. Even if there comes a time when I don’t know who they are anymore. I believe I will feel them here.” ~ Erica Bauermeister


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7 thoughts on “I believe I will feel”

    1. It’s funny, I keep thinking of different parts of me that has ‘muscle memory’ (figuratively)…It’s a very memory-laden morning!

  1. This is so deep and moving; thanks for sharing and making it so easy to to add meaning to my day. Thank you for all your posts for the past week that I haven’t had the time to comment on…I love every word. Xo

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