After a few days away, it’s a little challenging to get back behind the wheel. So, I offer you this – a moment of delight from Lead.Learn.Live (davidkanigan.com). Enjoy!

Live & Learn

Michael Bublé and 15-year old Sam.  Sam sings a few bars.  Bublé’s reaction?  Sam’s facial expressions? Priceless.

And if you haven’t had enough of Bublé (one of Burnaby, B.C. Canada’s favorite sons) and “Feeling Good”, here’s the full version…

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      1. I think what I loved is that Michael Buble was open to the surprise, open to this kid and his true talent..open to being blown away and sharing the stage with him! So cool!!!

  1. Oh Wow – what a moment – what a voice – what a gift the whole thing was – and how great that Buble opened his mind and then his heart … Sam’s mum must have been weeping with relief !!!!

    1. Given his somewhat jaded reluctance at the outset (which I can understand given how many performances he does and audience requests he must receive), I was a bit nervous for the mom and Sam. But Buble came through in every way..

  2. A Canadian boy!! Excellent choice 🙂 Thanks for starting this little Canadian’s day with a huge smile!! Have a fantastic Easter weekend Miss Sunshine and glad you’re back behind the wheel!! 🙂

  3. It is a generous performer who will share the stage with a total unknown entity.So, kudos to Buble. And then there are those gems that appear in our lives, totally unexpected, and exceeding beyond the expected. Thanks for sharing this…

  4. I enjoy Michael Buble more as I get older. It is kind of like Sinatra. They snuck up on me and I noticed I was tapping to the beat of the songs. This just elevates the performer even more.

  5. I love Michael Buble, even more since I saw him in concert 2 years ago. He totally captivates the audience and you feel like you’re the only person in the room. His voice is like velvet and every single song he did was incredible. He is a very warm and special person..Sam was pretty amazing too. Thanks for sharing; now I’ll make sure I play his music today.

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