Saturday Smiles

Remember that poem that began “Monday’s child is full of _____; Tuesday’s child is _____” ?  I forget which child is endowed with what characteristic.  I was a Saturday child, and regardless of what I am supposed to have, I do have smiles.  Earlier this week, Ray’s mom at accorded me the award for ‘Most Influential Blogger Of The Year’.  I appreciate her vote of confidence, especially given the substantive and important issues she raises on her blog.  By comparison, I am arguably the “Lightweight Blogger Of The Year” – seriously.  I don’t want to diminish my appreciation with self-deprecation, tempting though it is.  I do want to express my appreciation for her high praise.  And thank her doubly because the only requirements in accepting such an accolade is to share it with others.  Clearly this is an abbreviated list – and I tried to include a mix of old and new.  These are people who prompt me to think more, feel deeply and enhance my life.  Thank you again Ray’s mom – drumroll please (two fingers working in syncopation on a table works well too):

most-influential-blogs-of-2012 (1) (Lead.Learn.Live) (A Western Buddhist’s Travels) (Teacher As Transformer)

Now – I’ve got more, but I realize that this list is getting quite attenuated.  To those I adore and didn’t mention this time around – trust me, the year is young.  To me, each person I follow is The Most Influential Blogger Of The Year.


  1. No worries Sunshine!! You absolutely deserve it and for me you are my inspiration!! Thanks for keeping us all in tow!! Best of Luck, but something tells me Luck will have NOTHING to do with it if Karma has her way!! 😉 Happy Saturday miss Mimi ~~

  2. Congratulations on this award! Your posts never fail to challenge me in some way. We are all lucky to have you influencing our worldview and putting things in perspective. Lots of love

    • I’m not sure I can influence anybody Jill – I can’t even get my pups to listen to me!! But I am more than humbled by the people who take a ride with me …love, m

  3. Love the name of this award and you do deserve to be recognized as such, because you are, and no, not biased, it’s true. And that’s a great share list…congrats to all 🙂

  4. Well, you deserve every award you get because of the smiles, inspiratiom,thoughtfulnes and entertainment you nurture your fans with. xo Fran

  5. Congratulations Mimi! A well deserved recognition. Your thoughts always hit the mark, and I know they’ve influenced me from the very beginning with your “About” page and that Karma truck.
    Thanks so much for sharing my blog with others as well. Now I got smiles!

    • You deserve the kudos Angeline – your blog is a delight to many and I’m a loyal fan!! Thank you for following the Karma Truck – I appreciate your kind and supportive words more than you know.

  6. Congratulation’s Twinky. YOU my friend are most deserving! I am so happy I found you on FB as well. Thank you for thinking about me and making me ‘smile’ really BIG. I am touched that you gave this award to me. Thanks again. Have a wonderful Saturday. 🙂 Renee

  7. Hi sweetie, a little late to the party but no less admiring. You know how I feel about your and your wonderful missives–they bring alternating doses of sunshine, laughter, appreciation,love, and wonder to my days. And you, dear friend, are my blessing–today and every day. Congrats! Xoxo

  8. Mimi, thanks for the honor. I have been a little under the weather as I tore my menicus in my right knee and haven’t been able to say thank you. I really appreciate your kind words and look forward to your ongoing saga. Take care,

    • Oh Bill, I’m so sorry to hear this!! Definitely not the best way to spend one’s time – though I hope you take the time you need to fully recover. Are they going in to repair it? Regardless – no thanks needed – all focus is on your recovery!!! m

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