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Why Is It Better In The Bahamas?

Given that my friends farther up the East Coast are being tantalized and simultaneously harassed by a blizzard, certainly I can say that it’s better in the Bahamas because the weather is pretty close to perfect.  That isn’t to say that I don’t adore the seasons and their idiosyncratic personalities, for I do.  But there’s something to be said for pulling out shorts in the middle of the winter.  There’s a lot to be said for spending your days challenged by such weighty decisions as whether to go to the beach or the pool.  I would imagine that if this was the routine of life, my brain would get a little squishy.  For a week though – bring it on.

I’m reading a lot, alternating chapters with naps induced by the ocean’s music – which trumps anything on my iPhone.  I have somewhat lost all sense of time and I don’t miss it.  Andy and I spend a lot of time behaving with embarrassing immaturity.  It’s ok, there’s no one here who knows us.  Even the seagulls seem to be happy to be here – despite the intrusion of parasailers interrupting their orbits of the sea.  Andy is golfing this afternoon; I am sitting here listening to laughter echoing off the beach and feeling beyond peaceful.

Perhaps it’s better in the Bahamas because it is a moment in time.  There is no doubt that I will be ready to go home when next Wednesday rolls around because I’ll be missing my kids, the Sirs, my home – the life I have made.  It makes today all the sweeter, all the more delicious because it is a treat.  A moment to step outside myself and be inside myself.  And just feel abundantly free.



40 thoughts on “Why Is It Better In The Bahamas?”

  1. You have no idea how cathartic this post is. The musicality of your words and the pictures you paint with them can lure anyone into the idyll that is the Bahamas and the resort in which you both are fortunate enough to be ensconced. I am happy for you my friend and I love how you always acknowledge life’s balance and embrace the gratitude that puts you where you are; whether it be in the Bahamas or at home. The beauty of todays post can also be found in the affirmation of the beauty and serenity of the water. Something that is in direct conflict with what I’m seeing from my window today. But your view offers the promise of a brighter tomorrow. And, that’s something I always count on. Enjoy the tranquility of the Caribbean and the company of your guy. To the moon and back. Who knows, with one really good gust of wind I may be on your doorstep later this evening 🙂 I promise to knock.

  2. Ahhh, sweetie, as usual you have managed to perfectly encapsulate all the makes a vacation perfect…the very transience of it and the freedom to live in the moment, obeying only the dictates of your spirit and wherever the moment’s whimsy leads. Reading this post I felt the gentle breezes ruffling my hair and dare say I even caught a whiff of coconut oil. 🙂 May you and Andy enjoy every moment of this delightful sojourn–you, my special, special friend–deserve it. Love you so…. L

    1. I hope you’re not totally buried in snow – and if you are that you are cozy and snuggled in and safe. And that tomorrow when the skies clear, the roads will clear just as quickly. Funny about that coconut oil – it smells sooooo good. I miss you Lori..and love you all there is..xox

      1. Not yet…but this storm is just starting to rock here. The real fun is supposed to start later this evening–current prediction is accumulations of between 24 and 30″ — can we get a big woo hoo?! ;-). We’re all set–dogs fed and pottied, supper on the stove, a nice bottle of red open, soft music on the stereo, and a gentle snow falling outside. Winter in New England–it doesn’t get any better. I miss you, too, but I’m so happy that you’re soaking up the sun and letting all your troubles float away on those Bahamian breezes. Enjoy honey, enjoy…. 🙂

      2. I know it makes me sound like a mama bear needing to know that her cubs are all in the den for the night. But I am really happy to hear that you’re cozied in and safe. Love and warmth for you and I’ll try to soak up enough sun so that we can share it when I get back..

    1. I am hoping that you are writing this from home now. You had me more than a little nervous to think about you flying into NY and then trying to make it home. And may I just remind you, when you were in the Caymans, I couldn’t get the color green out of my complexion. Stay safe…though I do think you should have flow farther south and planned a spontaneous getaway with your wife. What can I say? It’s the romantic in me..;-)

    2. I hope this means that you are writing from home. I’ve been a little worried about your trip from the airport to your house. And may I say that when you all were in the Caymans, I couldn’t wash the green out of my skin..I do think though that my idea about a spontaneous trip further south with your wife would have been ideal. It’s the Bahamas mon, it brings out the romantic in me. Please stay safe..

      1. Whew! So relieved to read this. I was really sending a lot of good thoughts your way. Now back to relaxing. And I hope you do too..

  3. I don’t know how you manage to so perfectly describe feelings and paint pictures with words. As I was reading your post everything around me just slipped away and I could feel the breeze, hear the ocean, and the perfect activity, even better than reading, of closing my eyes on the beach and hearing all the laughter. Enjoy every well deserved minute!

  4. I know you are soaking in the glorious sunshine and embracing the amazing sunsets, but I feel it is my duty to tell you that coming on here just isn’t the same while you are enjoying a much deserved vacation. Don’t get me wrong, I hope you are having a fantastic time, but I for one can’t wait till you are back so I can get some Mimi inspiration!! See you in a few Bahama Mama!! 😉

    1. Hi Kimmie – thank you!!! I’ll be back on regular ‘Mimi’ time on Thursday. Though I will selfishly say that this has been a glorious break!!

      1. if selfish means that you are making it “me” time to re boot….Than is it safe to say, Mission accomplished my friend!! Savor your remaining days and again, we sure miss you and looking forward to your words of light and inspiration!!
        Luv and light from your little Canadian booster!! 🙂

  5. You know, I’m not sure I’d mind my brain becoming “a little squishy” if i were over there! Joy for you 🙂 x

    1. I have to tell you Simon, if I stay much longer, I’m not sure I could be accountable for the drivel that would come out of my mouth (as opposed to the occasional ‘oops’ for which one can sincerely apologize)..xo, m

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