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Winding Down The Road

As 2012 begins its inevitable walk to the ‘Exit’ sign, and 2013 lingers outside the Entrance waiting for the bouncers to accept its credentials and admit it into our crazy, rockin’ psyches, I’ve got to grab a moment of retrospection about the road the karma truck has traveled since I first turned the key in the ignition in early January of this passing year.

I had no map – as you now know, it would have proven useless anyway given my challenges with geography.  I was just going to drive with an eye to the sky and an ear to my heart.  Such spontaneous, free-formed initiatives were new to me.  You don’t work within the confines of a white-shoe, professional service firm and ad-lib your actions too much (though I certainly did my share – after all irreverence can be a good and freeing thing).  But again, I digress..

I agonized about hitting ‘publish’ for the first time, returning to my computer obsessively to see if anyone had stopped by.  I learned relatively quickly to leave the ‘stats alone, and to let go of any fantasies of becoming one of those bloggers that arrive at notoriety with equal parts serendipity and timing.  And as with most illusions that are suspended, reality became a far more incredible experience.

David Kanigan (  who writes’Lead.Learn.Live’ (read it read it read it – you will look forward to his posts daily, and feel a bit bereft if for some reason he gives himself a break to take a vacation or something) was my first ‘follower’. Lori, a writer by profession with prodigious creativity and warmth (and a fabulous gift unto herself) posting at, was my second follower.  Andy, my sister Deborah and friend Joanne followed thereafter.  And now a year later with over 600 followers and 31,000 views, I still have no clue where the karma truck is going.  What I do know is that it is traveling with an incredible entourage of people who openly share their thoughts, encourage me to keep the gas tank full and forgive me some of my lamer efforts (like yesterday’s post – a non-existent YouTube video – yes, I need more Apple therapy).

There is no question I would have continued writing, for there is someplace I’m heading with this, and I am hoping that one day you all will help me figure that out with your suggestions and ideas.  But for today, as I look back I can’t ask you for anything more.  I can only thank you for all that you’ve given me.  Friendships that have grown out of invisible threads that somehow connected us – we each picked up an end.  We have shared the stories of life – marriages beginning and ending, lives changing and morphing like shape shifters in a sci-fi novel, hearts exploding with pain and/or exuberance, illness and the new breath that arrives with the spring, questions with no answers and answers that are equivocal.  We have been silly and we have been considered.  These conversations have been some of the most fulfilling and instructive and delightful exchanges I have ever had.  You let me risk tipping a hand that I have held close for a very long time.  And you graced me with showing me yours.

I’m not sure what 2013 holds for the karma truck.  I do know that I am incredibly grateful for the friendships that I have come to cherish, the absolutely crazy-with-talent people who I follow, with perpetual open-mouthed awe and an ability to be as irritating as a relentlessly circling mosquito.  Thank you for your patience and encouragement.

I hope 2013 brings joy and good health, the courage to risk and the freedom to dream, long walks and endless possibilities.  I hope you feel lighter and less inclined to contort yourself into something you are not – for you have shown over and over again how amazing you are without such unnecessary effort.  I hope friendships deepen, love visits us all generously and often, and that we’re smart enough to relish its presence.  And I hope what we put out into this world meets the threshold of kindness and grace that allows for only goodness to be returned.  Here’s to next year.

(ps.  David – if this doesn’t work, don’t tell me..;-)


52 thoughts on “Winding Down The Road”

  1. Explain to me why the video appeared when I previewed this..and now it’s not there. I’m about to give up and go back to my thinkpad for posting..grrrrrrrr..In case anyone is interested – it was ‘Blackbird” sung by Sarah McLachlan..

    1. it’s there and it’s wonderful. i’m so glad your truck did a drive by on my heart mimi…aw hell, glad doesn’t even begin to describe. anyway…wishing the very best for you and andy and the sirs and the boys and their wonderful ladies…for 2013. it’s a new beginning to an old story that needs a new ending…Happy New Year xoxo

      1. WW, you have had a year that has revived faith in friendship, family, love and the strength of a thousand Hercules. Even though the circle of love around you holds tight and strong, it wasn’t able to protect you from so much. And you stood up to it all with the grace and dignity and determination of one who deserves all the happiness in the world. And it is going to be yours..2013 – the year of the Wonder Woman..xoxox, m

  2. I came late to your blog in 2012, but now I am an avid follower. Wishing you and your blog success and inspiration into 2013 and beyond.

    1. Thank you Alex – we ‘met’ later in the year, and I look forward to your posts and your comments. Happy 2013 – here’s to more conversations..

  3. The karma truck has with increasing grace navigated the rough road of any neophyte in any discipline. You’ve always had a great voice, and it’s just getting better. Keep singing, sister!

  4. Sorry to be laughing at your Mac issues, I feel your frustration. My daughter/help desk is ready to scream at my ongoing questions. It’s not our fault Mac has so much to offer!
    I am always inspired by your words and look forward to what that say in 2013.

    1. What a relief! So for all those who I drive crazy with questions, who insist that the Mac is so intuitive, I now intuit that they’re just smarter than me..:-) Happy New Year!!

  5. Well, I can attest to Mimi’s geographical shortcomings, just as you can attest to the fact that she has a way of putting words together in order to deliver a message or a theme in a unique and compassionate way. I’ve never met anyone else who has the special touch that Mimi displays so regularly. Her warmth and sensitivity are felt by family, friends and strangers alike. She is simply amazing, and I will gladly climb aboard the Karma truck for as long as it rides, and wherever it goes. And if we get lost on the way, I have total faith in the driver to make the trip meaningful.

    Bravo Mimi!

    1. Thank you – I’ve been meeting with only good things along the way – and always realize how fortunate I am..Happy New Year my friend – wishing you the happiest year ever..

  6. Ah, Mimi, whether by GPS or your internal compass, I will continue to wait for the truck and hitch myself to its back wheel wherever it may roam because what I’ve always known ( no need to post the number of years here) is that your star illuminates all places you visit and each visit is a learning experience or gives one pause to think, reassess, and/or find calm in the eye of a hurricane – you get my point. I will always take the risk of any journey with you at the wheel because I know that wherever we land, whatever we learned, no matter how many tears are shed, or laughter shared – at the end of the day we will be better than we were before the journey; our friendship stronger, the boogeymen will be gone and the new day will dawn full of promise. As always I am so grateful to be along for the ride and so blessed to say you’re my friend. To the moon and back… You’ve got more “Magic to Do”. I, for one, cannot wait to see where the road leads. Xoxoxoxo

    1. Wherever the road takes me Jo, you’re right there with me. I am very aware of where you are at all times, so I dont’ lose sight of you again…And wherever the road leads, you my friend will never be alone as long as we’re driving together, right? xoxox

      1. Right. Heart to heart. Side by side. Sharing the stuff you can only share with one who knows all your secrets and loves you anyway and holds the most important ones securely in her heart. All there is sweetheart. All there is.

  7. Ok I am a woman who gets lost pretty easy, I have no sense of direction and I wonder if that shows in my blog posts since I have a habit of rambling on about nothing………………….lol

  8. As a fellow traveller on the Karma truck, I have enjoyed reading and following your story.
    I’ve also been considering the Purpose Of It All. I think that the journeying is the the point, the driving of the truck. I’ve been having fun just going deeper and deeper within, I don’t want the travelling to end!
    I think like you, it’s about learning and relearning that kindness and gentleness are the things to untie the knots of mind and heart, and therefore become kinder in general even to those so hurt by life.
    Someone recently insisted that I was naive to be focussing on the positive in them. ‘I am no angel’ he said ‘I think you’re a bit naive.’ I was sad because this meant they had no trust or faith in their own positive mind. This can be hurtful, I had to take a few breaths.
    Thank goodness for all this training!
    Love your work, hope to see more. Happy New Gregorian Calendar year!

    1. Thank you very much and I’m gratified that you have stopped by!! I don’t have the training and discipline that you do, and I admire your ability to focus and re-focus, control your breathing and your life’s rhythms..I wish you the happiest of New Year’s – and more posts in 2013. 🙂

  9. Ahhh, my dear friend, how honored and privileged I feel to have been among the first passengers to board the Karma Truck! While I was technically led to this vehicle by David K’s wonderful blog (and I second your admonition to READ IT!), I cannot help but believe that greater forces were at work, tugging the strands of those invisible threads you cite and smiling to themselves because they knew that they were witnessing the start of a very special friendship. You bring so much love, laughter, joy, insight and candor to this space that your inspire others to stretch, explore, and yes, sometimes risk “tipping their hand.”. It is a special gift that you possess, honey, and as Jo so beautifully stated, “your star illuminates all the places you visit.”. I look forward to logging many more miles on the Karma Truck. THANK YOU for your generosity of spirit, Mimi. It blesses all who enter your orbit….

    “What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.” Albert Pike

    1. Oh are like balm on an itch that I continue to worry..Thank you – thank you for engaging me from the minute I started this exercise, and for allowing those powers that are far stronger than we are to connect our threads as they have. I believe I’m a far better person than I am when I am in touch with you…xox

  10. I will not respond to your lacking in the field of geography, because I find you always land just where you need to be…I have been a rider along the way who has learned from your wisdom, appreciated your concerns and loved every bumpy road that I hitch onto with you. You are our family’s Sherpa and can hold the keys to our truck anytime…I hope your 2013 is filled with health, love, peace and joy…I love you sis..

    1. Hi love,
      Your words brought tears to my eyes..the family Sherpa – oh honey, look out, I’ll never guide anyone up the mountain. We’ll end up going in circles!! That’s why I’m so lucky you’re here. The true guide. I love you all there is, and am so thankful that marriage also brought us together. And I hope 2013 brings us more opportunities to see each other, good health, laughter, abundant joy and love sweetheart, always love..

  11. Happy New Year Twinky. I loved your blog from the moment I peeked in and kept coming back. Happy we met. Renee hugs.. 🙂

  12. Thank you Mimi. As you can see from your large and growing legion of fans, we are all on board the Karma Truck (or in this case given your numbers to carry all of us…a Bus). We love your kind soul, your messy, gooey, compassionate, warm hearted and always unique way of stringing words together. Thank you for your posts, your friendship and followership. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. Dave

  13. I have enjoyed the wanderings of the Karma Truck, however this post will have to be in my top 25 of the year. A lady who doesnt constantly look at the map to see where to go, you truely are a unique and precious friend.

  14. Mimi,
    Your posts are always thoughtful, inspiring, and leave me with a smile on my face feeling like I can take on the day! Thank you for being such a great member of this blogging community 🙂 And I’m sure I speak for all your readers when I say that I hope you have a wonderful new year, full of all of the joy, prosperity, and health that you can handle! xoxo Andrea

    Oh yes…and I nominated you for the Blog of the Year Award 😉

    1. Thank you so much Andrea!! I am flattered and grateful for the nomination and happier still that you are a part of this wonderful community in which I find myself warmed daily in one way or another. Wishing you a fantastic 2013 – all that you dream for yourself and more! xoxo, m

  15. Let this New Year be the one, where all your dreams come true, so with a joyful heart, put a start to this year anew. Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year 2013.

  16. Riding the Karma Truck has been a great experience for me; I was captivated from the first inspirational, heartwarming blog I read. Your warmth and written talent hooked me and helped me to step out of my own comfort zone a bit by participating in the conversation. You have much to share and invite us on the truck so eloquently; it’s been great sharing the past six months with you and and your readers. I’m so glad you’ve discovered this talent; it’s a wonderful thing. xo Fran

    1. Your words hearten me on this New Year’s Eve Fran, as they have from the beginning. Thank you for sharing this ride with me, for your warmth and encouragent, your generous spirit and loving soul. That in and of itself has fueled this truck more often than you know..xoxo

  17. Jumping on board the Karma Truck this year was truly one of the best highlights of 2012 Mimi! Your writing always inspires, teaches, soothes and challenges me. You help me see things with a new perspective, and celebrate the moments in our lives that we often overlook so easily. The conversation came so easily, that from the first moment, I felt I was literally sitting next to you as you drove down the road! I am so very lucky to have found you and your fabulous truck. Where you are headed next matters not…I am along for the ride, calling shotgun if you’ll have me { I promise to share the seat…I know there must be a line!} Keep on truckin’! Love you dear friend. xoxo

    1. We have had the benefit of ‘side trips’ BonBon – your road trip this summer – conversations that lef up to your cyber-arrival and thereafter. And I love your company, your adventures and your delight (and occasional lack of delight) in the journey!! Hop on board sweetie – we’ll see where the road takes us…love you xoxox, m

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