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A Moment Of Inanity



This is a quetzal

I think it’s quite special

With colors so spectacular

There is no apt vernacular


So would you ask a quetzal

“Polly, do you want a pretzel?”

Or would you offer this cool avian

Something healthy vegetarian?


In it’s native Guatemala

Perhaps you’d start to holler

“No food for you as you well know

If no shoes, no shirt,  no dinero”


At 3:15, one can’t expect a post far more germane

More witty, cogent, thoughtful not to mention more urbane

Perhaps it’s best I bid the quetzal ‘adios’ for now

And leave you with a sleepy smile, returning to my bough.


24 thoughts on “A Moment Of Inanity”

    1. You’re an early bird this morning (sorry I couldn’t resist)…I like the quetzal too – and how the name just makes me smile. It’s like a Dr. Seuss character..The Quetzel loved spaetzle or something like that. Um…more coffee. Yes. Did your children get home – is the nest filled once again?

      1. “I” am an early bird? Hmmmm. If I back out the time it took you to write the jingle from the post time stamp, it gets a wee bit early pal. And your tag, “sleeplessness” was not lost on me either. Eric home. Rachel Thurs. Half way there.

  1. Point well taken – not a great night in the sleep department. Son and daughter-in-law coming by in an hour for a ride to the airport – they’re heading to Costa Rica (the honeymoon they never got seven years ago when they married). I’m so neurotic about not over-sleeping, I’ve been up for a ridiculous amount of time. So happy Eric is home, and you and Susan can anticipate Rachel’s arrival – very, very cool.

  2. I am late to this party also, and yet it’s still earlier here where I am than you all?!? What Lori said, what’s wrong with this picture? 😉 This is great Mimi…I have no idea how you come up with these, but I love that you do! Wonderful and playful and that’s always a good thing, no matter the time of day…or night! xoxo

    1. It’s a function of too little sleep and a word that just stuck in my head…who thought up the word ‘quetzal’ (I don’t mean this literally, for I looked it up) – but really? To go through life with a label like that…”don’t bother me, you’re such a quetzal…’I could keep going, but this just made me giggle …xoxox

  3. Should have popped in when I got up at 4, but who’da thunk you all were already 1/2 in your cups (java that it)…boy what a way to start a Sunday….quetzaling. love this Mimi…xoxo

  4. I love the way you use language at any hour of the day. Now, of course, I can”t get the word quetzal out of my head. Thanks for the early smile. Have a great Sunday.

    1. Thank you so much Ivon – I am humbled to be among a group of people you enjoy, for you bring so much insight, thoughtfulness and heart to your writing.

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