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Have I Said Thank You Lately?

I want to thank David @ (Lead.Learn.Live), Renee @ and Ivon @ (Teacher As Transformer) for according me the Blog of 2012 award.

Blog of the Year Award 6 star jpeg

David wrote me this morning and suggested I read the rules, because I wanted to nominate him.  Apparently I can’t do that.  This is yet another clue to my personality – I live within the spirit and intent of the law, though I can’t confirm that I always follow it to the letter.  Call it petulance, a throwback to my pseudo-hippie years, or just a desire to expand the lovely opportunities in the day as widely as possible.

This is my way of telling you that I am bending the rules slightly, and I hope you’re all cool with that.  In January, I will write a post about how I have been impacted by a year’s worth of experience in this community.  For now though I’d like to just quickly mention that it has given far more to me than I have arguably given.  Were it not for David and Lori (, I would probably have not continued.  I’m not in their league –  I know it and  I’m ok with it too.  I’m not a writer, I will never publish…I’m just a woman trying to figure stuff out.  David and Lori, in their personal and unique ways have somehow managed to keep me going each time I wanted to stop.  I’m not kidding you – each time.  Call it karmic connection, intuitiveness, generosity of spirit – it nonetheless continues to amaze and humble me.  Perhaps we truly are connected by some thin red thread that quivers every time one feels like falling.

To me, this award is for those who have such talent, perspective, humor, aesthetic sensitivity, etc that I return to their blogs with eagerness and curiosity.  What is Anake going to show me today, what pearls will Susan string together while forming her poetic necklace,  has Bonnie been prompted by some life experience that resulted in a posting both thoughtful and intuitive?  How will Misifusa lift me up today?  Will I feel the need to opine about John’s perspective on leadership?  You catch my drift.  There is so much talent out there, I’m still a neophyte.  At best I am a wondering soul with a decent vocabulary.

So without further comment, I nominate the following people for this award.  They inspire, amuse, delight, challenge and do so with such consistency that they truly are the bloggers of 2012.  The bad news, which I am fretting over, is that I’m sure I’m going to miss someone who I admire equally.  I am hopeful you know that this is an error of oversight, not intention.

Cathy @

John @

Paula @

Kristin @

Bonnie @

Anake @

Laurie @

Deanna @ (Redemption’s Heart)

Susan @

Elizabeth @

Russ @ (A Grateful Man)

Bill @

There are more…and this is where I am feeling the most anxiety – for I have been more enriched by this august cyber community than I ever could have imagined.  I promise you this, I will have the opportunity to acknowledge all of you before the karma truck finally parks.




41 thoughts on “Have I Said Thank You Lately?”

  1. Blogging community is so vast that it introduces one to so many people around the world and share their thoughts with the world. Each day I find one new blog to follow in this insanely vast blogosphere… 🙂 Thank you to introduce to a few more..!!

  2. Wow, thank you Mimi! I am honoured to be included in your list. Personally, I have to disagree with your comment that you are not a writer. You are. Your ability to create mental pictures and describe and create feelings and emotions is powerful. You are an inspiration to many, me included!

    1. Thank you Laurie – and thank you for posting such well-considered, thoughtful posts. I think your efforts to encourage people to raise their own ‘performance bar’ are terrific!

  3. Mimi it’s people like yourself, David and many others that keep me reading and blogging. As to being published, you are everytime you post here, as we your friends enjoy rerading the next installment of your journey, seeing where the karma truck is heading to next.

    1. I appreciate your perspective Keith – I really do. And you’re right – I suppose we publish every time we post – I never thought of it that way. You, David and some others are so inspiring to me and I look forward to each post. Thank yo so much and wishing you a great day..

  4. Oh Twinky. I am so happy you have hung in there. I,too started my blog last January and have thought of leaving. We are here for a reason and I am thrilled to have met you. I am honored to know you as my “Cyber Buddy:. Happy Sunday to you and you deserve this award. hugs..Renee 🙂

  5. You my dear, ARE indeed a writer…and a very cool woman on a quest to figure ‘stuff’ out..and we are lucky to be along for the ride on your Karma Truck! At least that is how I feel, and I bet there are many who will agree with me! 🙂 You write and you inspire, me, and so many. With your words, you evoke emotions, images, feelings, concepts, and so much more, that help me sort out and process some of the bigger considerations of what it means to be conscious on a daily basis. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for including me on your list…it’s a wonderful place to find myself! 🙂 xoxo

    1. You have provided the same thought-provoking moments for me..And I will always be grateful for your brilliant road trip..You say ‘yes’ Bonnie – to life, to ideas, to possibility and it pops through every word you write…xoxoxo

  6. Mimi: I don’t know you, yet I know and admire you through your own words, which come into my life every morning on my screen. Thanks for the award nomination and my thoughts on leadership will keep coming. Read you soon.

  7. I’ve been sitting on my response to your post for a day. After considerable reflection it lands like this: 1) you give SO much more than you get, 2) you are SO much better than you give yourself credit for. (Work on #2) Full stop.

    1. Big lump in throat – and feeling like I’ve been outed (not a bad thing, but wow). I’ll work on #2, after I grab some kleenex. And I have to say, it takes one to know one. Period.

    1. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your posts, your pictures, your perspective! I look forward to each post! Thank you for nominating me into the ‘sisterhood’ – I’m honored to be a part of it!

  8. My dearest Mimi. Congratulations on this award–I can think of no one more deserving! I am humbled to think that I had anything to do with keeping fuel in the Karma Truck’s tank! 🙂 I MUST beg to differ with you, though, and pile on with Bonnie–you ARE most definitely a writer, my dear, and you have an unerring sense of just the tone to strike with each post you write. I know I am not alone when I say that you bring love, laughter and enlightenment to my days. To know that I contribute to *yours* in some small way fills my heart to overflowing…. to the moon….xoxo, l

    1. Love you Lori..thank you for fueling this truck more often than you will ever know. The moments of disaffection and doubt, ennui or just lack of inspiration are routinely changed by your comments and encouragement. That I bring anything to your day continues to amaze me, and delights me too. To the moon..xoxox, m

  9. Thanks so much for the nomination. I feel truly humble.

    I agree with all those above. You ARE a writer. Whether you continue doing this simply with your blog or go further in some other way, you MUST continue as you inspire others in your writing. You give so much. Although I do not personally know you, it seems as if I do know you and that is because of the gift that you have, of imparting your personality and your warmth in your posts. And because you have shown me friendship and advice when I needed it and because I feel that I ‘know’ you enough now to tell you how it is (only friends can do that) I am telling you that writing is your calling. That is the truth.

    1. Your words are so comforting and reassuring for me this morning…I am trying to decide what I should do – whether this should be a blog or if there’s a book somewhere in here (though the latter immediately makes my brain shout ‘no!’)…I really appreciate your comments every time you offer them, but this morning they envelop me with encouragement. Thank you so much..<3

  10. Congratulations Mimi! An incredibly well deserved award…and a second nomination from myself will be coming shortly 😉 xoxo Thank you for all of your wonderful words, and thank you to David and Lori for encouraging you to always continue! Your presence would be greatly missed around here.

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