How can one not appreciate the wonder of friendship – and consider the possibilities of engaging the child in all of us to reach out as we did then.

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  1. Every day I appreciate the wonder of friendship, and in a way, our blogs are like the ball pit, right? We each jump in…put ourselves in the mix of it and the topics on the balls are what we write each day…amazing, huh? 🙂 I am so happy we jumped in at the same time..love you friend! xoxo

    1. What a great thought! This little world, like a ball pit..and we jumped in together (with no need for topics to talk about because we already knew we’d come up with our own)..love you friend..xox

  2. Ok ladies…look out, I’m jumping in the pit too! I’d get buried in the balls with you three any day of the week. You’ve been a source of light that I’ve used to stay out of the dark, laughter that brings my belly to my mouth, love that feels as warm as any blanket I could warm myself with. I am blessed, I have friends, and it makes all the difference in the world!
    Love, that’s it, just love.

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