National Dog Week

I have spent quite a few minutes this morning apologizing to the Sirs for my oversight – as I write this, they are still looking at me with disdain.  I didn’t realize that this is National Dog Week.  Truth be told, I didn’t even know there was a week dedicated to the celebration of dogs (I’m whispering this, I really don’t want to be heard, ok?  It’ll just make the chill in the air even worse).  I could say that yesterday was Yom Kippur, and I was involved in more life-affirming activities, answering if you will to a ‘higher calling’.  The plumber was here Monday for the greater part of the day, Tuesday just got away from me…

I’m going to buy some Frosty Paws later today.

In the interim, for all the dogs who work like…well, dogs and read this blog on your way to or from the office – these are for you.  For all of us who are totally canine-crazy enjoy..


  1. I will take extra care with our two girls, Mattie and Zoey, for the rest of the week. They actually think that every week is “Dog Week”. I guess I would have to agree . . .

  2. Where do you find these pictures? I have, always, said that there is a person inside every dog; it makes them human (if you will). Dogs are people in dog suits. Your photos brilliantly illustrate man’s/ woman’s best friend’s humanity. Wishing the Sirs a Very Happy Dog Week!

  3. Holy Hopping Canines. I love this! I can sooooo see finance look just this way! and the CEO? yes yes yes. so good. I’m sure the sirs will forgive, as they adore the very ground you walk upon (as you do them). I must go now and ply my pooch with extra loving care, as I too was ignorant of this very special week.

  4. I love this, and you, as does Stuart now..because I didn’t know either! But S has now been promised a trip to the store to shop for a treat! 🙂 The photos are absolutely perfect…I can relate to many of them with 5:01 being my very favorite!! xo

  5. National dog week you say I didn’t know that, but then I am in a different county right………..just agree with me here that is why I didn’t know about it right…………right…………good we are in agreement…………..

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