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Thoughts For A Friday Afternoon

I found this quote so reassuring and comforting and hopeful – what better mindset to have as we head into the weekend?  To know in the stillness – between one action and the next, that you can pause and consider all the love that conspired to bring you to this moment.  Hokey?  Okay.  But tell me who ever is genuinely loved too much?  And who doesn’t need to be reminded that no matter how snarky the mood, difficult a day or challenging a moment in time may be – you are part of a greater, loving whole?

So, back to your regularly scheduled chaos –  but hopefully with a moment to smile.  Happy weekend all..


37 thoughts on “Thoughts For A Friday Afternoon”

  1. As I look toward a lonely weekend away from home, your words and the most wonderful quote, appear. Call it karma or comfort, nonetheless, I am at peace in my heart. And, the upcoming weekend looks less lonely. Thanks for pulling up to my door once again. Have a warm and wonderful weekend my friend.

    1. Oh Jo, another weekend where I wish we lived closer. I miss you and wish you a relaxing, quiet weekend, where in the peace and (hopefully) lovely weather, you can feel all the love that is out there for you. And after Ben and Jenna, I’m at the top of the list..xo

  2. The quote is not hokey at all. I am the queen of sappiness, so no. It’s a lovely quote and a good way to go through life.

    1. Thanks…and here I thought I was the queen of hokey..So, you’re the queen of sappiness, I’m hokey – there’s clearly room in the realm for lots of us! 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Kyle – it is a lovely thought. And perhaps a good reminder that if all of this love conspired to get us here, we can hold it close to our heart, and share our love generously. Happy weekend my friend..

  3. Wow. You have no idea how much I appreciate this…well, you must, somehow, because you posted it. If THIS is hokey, then sign me up for the hokey pokey! love this…and can I have an advance on the ace I need to borrow? xoxo

      1. Can you raise an ace? I guess you can if you have more than one…hmm..I just gave you my only ace..So I put my left arm in and take my left arm out, put myleft arm in and I shake it all about…xox

      2. I think that one ace begets another ace. Right?

        And if not, all that shaking has got to result in another ace. Maybe I better go check my cheat sheet, but I think that’s right. Right? If not, it’s just a whole lot of hokey pokey. xoxox and totally resisting the use of a three letter term that means I am laughing out loud.

  4. What a great quote. It is good to be reminded that we are all part of a long line of other and that it took a lot of love and caring to even become, much less become who we are. It really is quite mind blowing if you think about it too much.

  5. Beautiful!! By the way, you were so right about our trip. We are a little over halfway through and dead tired at the end of every day – but blissfully so!! I miss you and the rest of the crew and look forward to reconnecting when we get back!

      1. 🙂 Another suitcase in another hall – and I am loving it!! Just got to Berlin which is our last city. So far, Paris stole my heart completely and fully, but all the cities have been spectacular. And the FOOD!! Can’t wait to give an update when I get home later this week.

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