Saturday Amusement

Ain’t it the truth?


    • My dad and I used to draw stick figures (this was in comparison to my seriously talented sister and mom) – he’d put a stovepipe hat on the man, and draw a ‘flip’ on the woman. That’s as far as we ever got when it came to artistic creativity!

  1. I join you in your frustration of stereotyping. I, too, am sickened by this same graphic, but for a different reason. Why did the artist portray all humans, male and female, as having no necks and heads that just hover above their bodies? Are they implying that humans have helium between their ears? Who designed this graphic, anyway? Was it one of those aliens in disguise in the documentary “Men In Black”? Or one of them hiding out at area 51? It’s a conspiracy, I tell you! [the preceding has been an unpaid public service announcement from cell 719 at the Light Home for the Mentally Ill and in no way represents the views of the author of the original post]

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