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Tuesday Morning’s Two Cents

It’s 3:15 in the morning – a ridiculous hour to be doing anything other than sleeping or sitting outside listening to the night breathe.  Here was my first thought when I came into the kitchen…

Fortunately, we had some…

And this was my second thought (that’s not true, it was more like the ninth or tenth) that I wanted to share with you before you begin your terrific Tuesday..
I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but that person you keep conjuring in your head?  It’s an avatar in an alternative universe.  That person that all of us see and marvel about?  That’s you.  Believe me.

More later – I’m off to the porch with my coffee.


24 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning’s Two Cents”

  1. Nearly 9am here. Off to make coffee. Wish I had a porch! 🙂 How come you’re awake at 3.15? x

  2. Good morning Simon! I am not the greatest sleeper in the world – a habit that I developed when my sons were babies and never unlearned. I hope you have a wonderful day (and some really good coffee for starters!)..m

  3. This one is getting printed out and posted someplace prominent where I can see it *every* day, Mimi! I too often give credence to the mumblings of that avatar, and it never leads anywhere good. :-/. And SO glad that you had coffee. :-). Happy Tuesday!

  4. What is it friends of a certain age say to other friends of a certain age? Oh yeah! You should have called me, I was up!
    Aren’t the 3am, there better be coffee or someone’s head is gonna roll, cups the best? lol
    Love the little guy. Such cuteness would not be on my face had I been in the same situation.
    My gravatar tells me to sit up straight, get out of this chair once in a while and go for a walk, and asks me to please stop swearing. Does everyone’s sound like their Mother? I just respond to her in this way…”I’ll try, thank you I’ll try, and again, thank you, I’ll try, now shut the hell up!” 🙂

    Happy Tuesday Mim…

  5. Love it! You always have the best photos – I struggle with that the most on my blog and I love photography. Where do you go to find photos? Still learning and would love a tip or two from someone who is doing it right! 🙂 If you have a moment…

    1. Honestly? I google what I’m looking for until I get images that can be replicated for free. I also find some great pictures on…:-). And, I joined and have pinned and then downloaded some beautiful pictures from there…I have zero technical ability (can’t even figure out how to upload a video – is that pathetic or what)…

      1. Good ideas! It seems that I am even less of a techy. I haven’t even explored Pinterest. Maybe that is my key to having some fun ones ready to go…thanks for the tips!

      2. I googled how to upload a video earlier this week. You go to the HTML view when you are posting and just paste the link – for some reason that I cannot comprehend, it works if you paste it in the html view, but not the visual view. It is a tab at the top of your post as you are editing. This was my most exciting discovery this week!

  6. I have to confess the name of your blog drew my eye. I liked the picture about no coffee, only thing is looks too wide awake and definitely too calm about the situation. For me a lack of coffee would require much flapping of wings and a trip as the crow flies to the nearest open coffee shop. I have enjoyed what I read in your blog so far, keep up the great pokes to the cranium.

    1. I love how you sustain the metaphor you little owl you…:-) I’m pretty unequivocal when it comes to my morning coffee too – it has to be there or I run the risk of pecking someone’s back really hard until he gets up and goes to Starbucks to bring some home…:-)

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