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It’s A Mighty Warm Wednesday


Oppressively hot here in DC today – the kind of day where the lead story on the news is the weather (when we tip the thermometer at over 100 degrees, it’s a big deal.  You would think with the perpetual disharmony on the Hill, such elevated temperatures wouldn’t be newsworthy).  The good news – you can feel drenched as soon as you go outside, so if you like the feel of air conditioning against slick skin, this day is for you.  The not-so-good-news – if you’re like most of us, you will have to breathe the air with a straw and you won’t delight in the film of sweat that develops as soon as you get out the hair dryer.  So for anyone needing to start the day with a smile…Here you go – Happy Hot Humid Hump Day!


32 thoughts on “It’s A Mighty Warm Wednesday”

  1. OMG, what a riot those photos are! You’re not alone, Mimi–they’re saying it could be near 100 here in NH today–pretty unusual. Lola and Beau have requested that the kiddie pool be topped off and I could swear a just heard Miss Thing muttering something about where she stored her two-piece at the end of last summer. 😉

    1. LMAO!!! Well a girl needs her two piece before heading out to the pool, don’t you think?? Sir Archibald enjoys barking at the pool, Sir Theodore just lies down and pants at it – so they’re not going to be outside too much today. I gather this heat spell is going to be with us East Coast folks for the next couple of days. I think I’m going to head to the gym soon, force my body to do things it hates doing and get my errands done early. It’s already upwards of 75 degrees and it isn’t even 6AM!! Stay cool today my friend! hugs, m

  2. It’s not often that I can say – “Come to South Florida and cool off.” We are in the mid-80s but humid and rainy.

  3. those pix made me spit up coffee. not nice! lol.
    you’re right…mini heat wave here in the northeast too. no a/c (urgh) but windows and shades pulled trying to keep what little cool came in last night. so glad all the hair is gone can tell ya that!! stay frosty today if you can…and thanks for the morning laugh and coffee shower!

    1. Lol..sorry babe – didn’t mean to make you spit instead of swallow..:-) Stay as cool as you can!! Just got back from the gym and I am just grody…and it’s only 9:00!!! Ugh…

  4. Used to live in DC- Capitol Hill- and know what you mean. But I’m better at embracing the weather, whatever it is- although my hair is a lot shorter than the cute white furry guy in your pics.

    1. Well, I”m a long-haired person myself, so I empathize with the guy in the picture..I envy your adaptability – I am definitely a low-humidity woman. Have a great day!

  5. Oh Big Law had it’s impact – no question..but I’m not sure the takeaways included resourcefulness…:-) Thinking on my feet? Exhaustion? Oh yeah…:-)

    1. It is not the best season for the MD-VA-DC area, is it? Oh your hair? Sorry ,my friend – that’s MY hair. For the next two months..;-)

      1. Fair enough. I am in Colorado where the lack of humidity makes every day a good hair day! But oh, the scaley skin!!!! Hope you can find a way to stay cool!

  6. I can’t complain …I’m spoiled with a/c and fans and all that good stuff. I just hate not really being able to go outside unless it’s 3AM or after 7PM…fingers crossed the power doesn’t go out (another typical summer phenomenon)…Colorado is magnificent – I’ve only been there twice, but loved each visit. We need to get you some mega-thick moisturizer, that you can coat your skin with. Ah well, it’s always somethin’ everywhere, isn’t it?

      1. Isn’t that the truth? And the older I get, the more I keep giving to that industry – another sucker believing that there’s a cream out there that really is going to be all that the ads say it is…that and the eternal search for the perfect pair of jeans…sigh..

  7. Those pictures just killed me! Very funny indeed. I can sympathise with the humidity problems – we get it pretty bad here in Bangladesh too. It’s horrible…

      1. Oh well do please – it is a wonderful country! But if you don’t do humidity…don’t come from April to September! After or before is just fine 🙂

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