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Caffeine Anyone?

A post about the joys of coffee?  No – although perhaps a nod to the nectar of the gods, especially as it is being brewed.  I realize that many could argue that there are other olfactory stimuli that parallel the sense of delight that coffee elicits, but I believe you’re wrong (caveat – freshly washed baby smells don’t count).  For all I know it smells way better than it tastes – that first cup of coffee is an experience for all the senses – even ESP – I know what will happen once I begin drinking it.  I will sigh.  My head will begin to realize that I’m awake (my body typically follows, not to worry).  The Sirs fall asleep after their breakfast and give me the privacy and silence to reverently watch the sun come up.  I slowly write my good morning blog and pause every once in a while to make sure it’s making sense.  All of this occurs with the promise of freshly brewed coffee.

I am not an aficionado  – I just like it strong.  I don’t know the difference between crema and foam, the implications of buying beans from the southern corners of Africa or the rain forest  in Brazil.  I grew up believing that Chock Ful O’ Nuts ‘was a heavenly coffee’.  Fine by me – it made it possible to talk to my mom each day, for there was no talking allowed until she had a cup.  We’re packing up to go to the mountains with friends  for the weekend and the only requirement from me?  Coffee.  And half and half.  A mug.  I’m pretty easy..(ok, I’m not easy, but clearly I can be had – how embarrassing).

It occurs to me that I’ve just provided you with two paragraphs on coffee.  Ah well – it’s Friday!  It’s time to take off your big girl and boy pants and get a little crazy, whatever your definition of that may be.  Cannonball into a pool, eat ice cream with sprinkles and a cone and forget the calorie angel sitting on your shoulder – in fact, tell her to give it a rest.  It’s the weekend.  Go outside if you can and find one thing you never noticed before (hint – a new bud on a flowering bush counts), make faces in a mirror (I do this naturally – it amuses me), tickle as many senses as you can just by being exactly where and who you are.  Play.  Hug. Giggle. Revel.  But first – have a cup of coffee.  Happy weekend all..


17 thoughts on “Caffeine Anyone?”

  1. Have a great time. Strong coffee and morning mountain air; Ah…..

    We were up in NY and took Tuesday to drive with a friend up to Woodstock. Hope your weather is better than we had. This may sound disloyal to your subject, but a high point was The Tea Shop. Something about the “Better than Sex” tea – Roohibos with Peppermint and Chocolate; the Coconut Almond Green launches you into a healthy Passover macaroon trance, the Cream Earl Grey (not 50 Shades,) Ceylon Tea infused with bergamot oil, so nice. But, I will start the day with my cup of decaf coffee. After living in Florida since 1985, I had my first cup of Cafe Cubano recently. I drank it on a Monday and was finally able to fall asleep on Thursday. And Chock-Full O’Nuts is still a heavenly coffee – even the decaf.

    1. Yup – decaf for you my friend…remember the Chock Full O’ Nuts on 82nd Street near the subway? Coffee and a date nut cream cheese sandwich….every shade of wonderful. Though I do get the tea thing too – more in theory than practice, but I’m beginning to like it – even when I’m not sick!

  2. This post caused a big grin to percolate up through my body! :-). Wonderful weekend wishes to all–it is drop dead GORGEOUS here in the Granite State today, so David and I are taking a “play day.”. Wheeeeee…. 🙂

  3. What a perfect day to play!!! Enjoy every second! The weekend is supposed to be gorgeous down here too – no humidity!! Clearly not a typical DC summer weekend..:-)

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