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Saturday’s Hope

My theory about weather forecasters is that with all their radar, doppler images, jet streams – they’re still wrong 50% of the time.  I always wanted a job where I could be successful and only be right half the time, but once again I digress…well, one more thing – I think their odds would be greatly improved if they were given a window.

Last night the weather gods were pretty ticked off around here.  Tornado warnings for the Washington D.C. area?  We were all too busy watching the different storm trajectories to head to the lowest level of our homes.  Thunder, lightning, frogs, locusts, a band of evil angels…oh, sorry – wrong story.  Although there was a lot of thunder and lightning and a frog somehow managed to hop into our kitchen from the garage.  The boys and their wives were safe, Sir Theodore had his Thunder Jacket wrapped securely around his shaking body (he’s not a hero in a storm) – all was fine.  And we had a rockin’ stormy night.

Tornado Warning
Tornado Warning (Photo credit: Bitman)

This morning, the air is freshly laundered and settles on my skin as a cool whisper.  The sun is going to rise today with renewed vigor – a reminder  that each day brings new promise.  As the night brought renewal to the day, I hope this weekend treats you with gifts of a little time for yourself, time with those you love and a chance to breathe some absolutely delicious air.



6 thoughts on “Saturday’s Hope”

  1. Wonderful imagery, Mimi–I can feel he electricity in the air! Seems you’ve sent your weather this way–We awoke to gray, rainy skies in New Hampshire this morning. I’m actually looking forward to snuggling in for a day of reading and baking. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

    1. Oh, you have a day planned doing two of my favorite things – and weather that completely reinforces your decision to stay inside! It really was a wild night – I hope you get enough yucky weather to make the plants and flowers happy, fill the water table a bit but nothing so dire as to cause any distress. Enjoy what your snuggly day!!

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