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Who Steals The Lorax??

Someone stole the Lorax!  I can’t believe it’s true

Don’t people around here have better things to do?

A Lorax bronzed and proud perched among Dr. Seuss’ flowers

We’re all pretty pissed here, we’re all pretty dour

I need to repeat this – some people forget

If it belongs to another, it’s not yours to get

Leave our garden alone!  Bring our Lorax back home!

Go hug a tree, save the whales, write a tome

Your fifteen minutes is up, you looked really dumb

And since this is G-rated, I flip you my thumb.


6 thoughts on “Who Steals The Lorax??”

  1. I’m with you Frank! Thanks for stopping by – I look forward to reading your comments as much as I enjoy writing these posts! 🙂

  2. I didn’t realize how literal this was until I read your comment! I thought your sentiment was along these lines, from Business Week:

    “[I]t’s a triumph of commercial chutzpah that the just-released Illumination Entertainment animated film manages to tie what Stephen Colbert calls a ‘little orange tree hugger’ to 70 corporate partners, from IHOP pancakes to Mazda’s CX-5 SUV, to Seventh Generation disposable diapers, to an HP printer app. Nothing draws multinationals like a green sponsorship opportunity. Even if it’s orange.”

    Either way, bad karma.

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