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What A Surprising Saturday!

I want to extend my big thank yous to Genie for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger award.  I’m a total novice when it comes to receiving awards (although I did practice my acceptance speech for an Oscar many times when I was a kid), so I am going to be quite dutiful in fulfilling the requirements for this award.  GenieSpeaks at WordPress is a love-filled, candid blog written with Genie’s incredibly generous spirit.  I admire her faith, optimism and ability to see the wonder in the smallest of moments.  Thank you again Genie!

I now have the pleasure of nominating seven others – and it is hard to select just seven, considering how many people’s work I admire…May I say – this is really hard.  With that caveat, here goes..


Manage Better Now

Marie Overfors, freelance writer

Help Me Rhonda

Missunderstood Genius

Girl On The Contrary


The Book Of Alice

That’s eight – I’m sorry!  But tis better to err on the side of generosity than miserliness, right?  I have to include the following blogs, because I really love them too:  supertucksmama, This Man’s Journey, Practical Practice Management, and manipal’s blog.

I’m not sure if all of these will directly link up – they are all on WordPress and they are all worthy of a visit from you.  Thank you to Genie again!!  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

OH!!  I forgot – you wonderful nominees – please copy and paste the award onto your post, name the person who nominated you (c’est moi) and pay it forward by nominating seven other bloggers…oops!