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I Was Here

Hi my friend,

How are you doing? Life reasonably good, in spite of a helluva lot of sorrow and disquiet permeating the air (not to mention pollen and other allergens)…

There’s something that is itching in me and I wish there was an antihistamine I could take. In lieu of better living through pharmacology, I’ll try better living through expression.

When I retired from the firm (a firm I grew to love, with people I still hold close in my heart), I consulted for a while; affiliated with a company that created and presented content for the legal profession. It was an excellent segue and allowed me to learn a new rhythm to my days.

Flash forward to today, when I was asked to remove the consulting experience from my professional history, at the request of the firm. The individual who replaced me, intimated that he wouldn’t do business with this consulting firm if my name was associated with them. So I took that experience off of my LinkedIn profile.

I haven’t consulted for quite a while, and had the request been to change to a retired status, it would have been understandable. So, now that I’ve erased a truth, I feel frustrated and hurt. And angry.

I just wanted you to know that I was here. I can erase every damn piece of professional history from LinkedIn, Who’s Who, Facebook and anywhere else my name is included. I can shrink my footprint into technological non-existence. But I was here. I worked for a firm I loved, I consulted with a group of talented people, I was highly regarded until it became necessary to become a pariah. But I was here, and what I did for 22 years mattered. What I did for a few years after that, mattered. You can erase me, negate me, relegate me to a whisper of a memory – but I was here.

I know this is a huge departure for me. I will return to a post that is far less me-focused. I just had to stand proudly – for me. I was here.


44 thoughts on “I Was Here”

  1. Bravo! Josh and Leanne are just intimidated by you, and didn’t want the professional staff at “The Firm” to request you be on the job, if the consulting company was awarded the business. They’re shallow, insecure, and can’t stand up to the quality of your delivery. You were there, and you mattered. I’m proud of you!!!

  2. How awful, to ask someone to erase some of who they are. I can’t imagine what made you a pariah, but perhaps it’s time to get your consulting back on the LinkedIn and reclaim it.

  3. The audacity of that request is stunning. I’ve only been here (with you) for a short while but I very much see you and appreciate who you are. Your authenticity is what draws many of us to you. I agree with Anita – take back and reclaim your power.

  4. Hi Anita and thank you, If my name would affect a company’s business opportunity, I’ll oblige. that said, it seems pretty superficial to make such a request and to accede to it. I think I just wanted to affirm my presence in a safe forum…hugs, m

  5. Wow!! Mimi-You are here, have been there and everywhere in so many peoples’ lives. You truly matter!!💗

  6. That is the act of some very insecure people. Fortunately it won’t affect you in the pocketbook. I’m surprised the consulting firm wasn’t happy with “retired status.”

    1. Hi Kate – I didn’t even ask to put ‘retired’ down – I just removed it. And you’re right, that anything I do should matter after all this time is kind of silly. It shouldn’t have bothered me as much as it did…

  7. You were here. And you more than matter. And I am so proud and humbled to be able to say that I was there when you were, too. I witnessed your leadership and support firsthand and it has shaped my career. I still say “Mimi once taught me…”. Thank you for your honest words. #empowHER

    1. …and I still say, there was a wonderful person I worked with who worked smart and tirelessly and with a smile that lit up a room. And I watched her soar with delight. And I still do…hugs, m

  8. I think Andy said it best, echoed by Kate. I N S E C U R E! And may I add, I M M A T U R E?
    You are not only here SK, you ARE! You IS what you IS and we who know and love you are so much better for it. You impart wisdom to us wisdom-less like…well, like the WISDOM OF OZ! Since this is a very rare post for you…I shall be myself (if you don’t mind) EF EM!

      1. I, too, am here 🙂 I’ve missed you my dear woman! I am in South Carolina, I am happy, and I miss you!! I think all of time of getting back in the saddle but am finding that happy doesn’t translate to the page as well as…that other stuff! A lot has transpired in the last couple years, most notably our granddaughter Ruby. I read you though, never fear. This is actually the first comment in a while that has made it to your page! Not sure what the deal was, but I’d comment and it would end up in cyberspace somewhere. Maybe that’s fixed so I can now communicate all the feels I have when you write! xoxo

      2. Welcome Ruby!! And is there anything better than reading that you’re happy?? I am grinning from ear to ear….xoxo

  9. Oh honey, you are here, in SUCH a big way that to even pretend otherwise is risible. Removing work history from an online platform does nothing to diminish your light; rather, it turns a klieg light on the banal insecurities of little, little people. Lioness chuffing mightily…. xoxxoo

    1. Love my fellow lioness – we are well protected!! You’re right – it was a silly request, and the whole thing shouldn’t have gotten under my skin like it did …you’re da best…xoxo

  10. Forgive me for not understanding how such a request could be made of you! It does not compute in my head how your working as a consultant could hinder anyone else.
    All that to say: YOU ARE HERE!! I’m chuffing alongside Lori…

    1. I don’t get it either…and I wasn’t working as a consultant anymore, and would have happily changed the status. It was a small request from a small person, I guess and it will be a shame if the consultants don’t get the work since they complied so agreeably. Thanks for the chuffing, Dale – I feel some mighty people around me and I am so appreciative..hugs, m

  11. I can not believe that! That request was reprehensible. You were the best thing the firm ever saw or had in all of your various roles. You were there for many and not in the superficial way they seem to be now. Especially on the office level. When you left people were devastated and you are still missed to this day by many. You Are Here. You Were There. You Rock!
    Drea (Rosson D’Engenis)

    1. I’m glad I posted this, if only to hear from you!! I hope you’re happy and healthy and thriving!! Thank you so much for your kind words – we were part of a very special time – and everyone contributed to that sense of cohesion. In and of itself, it’s a silly request, and doesn’t even deserve mention. I was upset and hurt – and shame on me for letting such goofy stuff get to me. Send you mega hugs, Drea…xoxo

  12. it seems an utterly inane, insane, and insecure request of the highest order. you were there, you are here, and no one can take that away.

  13. You were here and you are here. These are the actions of someone who is insecure and wildly envious of you. I adore you and know so many others who do too.

    1. It’s so good to see your name – anytime and any place. If there’s anyone who understands these unfortunate dynamics, it’s you – and I love you very much and miss you even more (if that’s possible).

  14. Very sad to read this. I don’t know the details and so can’t comment but I can fully understand your hurt and disappointment. People can be so cruel at times. Fortunately they can also be very loving and special. Judging by the comments I see here, you have plenty of such folks around you. Best wishes to you Mimi

    1. Thank you Ken – that I do, and I am grateful beyond measure. This was a silly request, which probably required a different response than the one I chose. But, so be it – I am back to focusing on far better things – like awesome friendships…

  15. The thought that anyone could eradicate you is ludicrous! You are here in my heart, in our families’ hearts,
    Your presence is what makes the sun come out and shine..

    1. Ah Sus, not sure I make the sun shine, but knowing that I am securely in your heart, and the family’s heart is pretty fantastic…xoxo

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