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What Are You Doing?

Hi my friend,

Well, here I sit – as overwhelmed and stymied, nudgy and confused as are we all. I should be maximizing this time – pouring over the classics that I have sworn to read again (not to mention the number of books I have downloaded to my Kindle), writing you far more frequently than I have been, organizing the pantry…

…instead I’m looking at puppies on Instagram.

Hardly a coping mechanism.

I’m trying to FaceTime with my kids and granddaughters, fretting that the proximity matters little. I’m cooking for the family of a neighbor who is in the hospital right now, baking…walking out on the deck and feeling grateful that I’ve got a deck to walk out on. Honestly, what I’m doing is seeking the mundane, searching for the every day that was every day before our lexicon moved from the politics of the day to the health of the world. I know there will be an after. There will be an after.

Our supermarkets opens early for the over-60 crowd, and I neglect to acknowledge that I am in that cohort, so I keep missing this window of senior opportunity. My kids are worried because I’m one of those over-60, who’s also immuno-compromised and enthusiastically in denial about both. “I don’t believe in aging. I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun” – Virginia Woolf

I bought a half roller so I can practice my balance (Christy, I miss you), I’m going to dance to whatever Alexa selects, I’m going to keep checking on those I love so I can remain connected to the crux of my heart. And I’m going to send up prayers and hope and energy and love to the world. It may not be much, but it’ll make me feel a bit more productive than I do when looking at puppy pictures. And yes, I’ll keep looking at those too – for after. Take good care my friend.


31 thoughts on “What Are You Doing?”

    1. YES!! I went for a walk around my neighborhood (ok, hardly around the whole neighborhood, but as far as my hips took me before yelling)…want to go for a walk tomorrow??

  1. It is, as you say, overwhelming and confusing. I’ve been working from home now for at least two years, so in some ways it’s not impacting me as much as others. But one thing I’ve noticed is that even thought the majority of my work universe is still working and pushing forward, the way we are interacting with each other is dramatically different. People who have never asked how I was doing personally, no ask. Those who never said “thank you” or “I appreciate you,” now are uttering those words every time we speak. I’ve turned the corner from thinking this is just the most awful thing to ever happen in my lifetime, to believing that there is a purpose in all of this madness. Finding the joy and peace in the “pause” has always been spoken about in the yoga world, and now we are all living it. I’m just grateful that today I have the opportunity to say hello to you, and wish you and your family good health and happiness. xoxo Christine

    1. You deserve every ‘thank you’ and words of appreciation for all you do, Christine – and I speak with a reasonably good knowledge of all that you do 😉. And yes, perhaps there is much to be said for finding the pause and re-ordering what’s important. My hope is that we can arrive at those realities healthy and whole. It’s wonderful to hear from you…sending love 💗

  2. Good to hear your voice, Mims. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately with all that’s going on with the world. I hope that you and Andy are staying safe and healthy and as always, you’re right – there will be an after. Hugs.

  3. Your post is like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds, sweet friend. These are frightening times, to be sure, when one struggles to recall what a normal day felt like and wishes mightily for nothing more pedestrian than sharing a laugh over a cuppa with a friend. Stay safe, honey. We’ll get together for a big, long hug once the storm has passed…. xoxoxo

  4. The soothing lilt of your words is like manna for the soul. You look at puppies. I listen to my favorite music on Alexa. And, yes, I dance. I she’d tears for those less fortunate even as I have struggles of my own; but I am grateful to be alive, have quite a nice roof over my head, food in the fridge – ignoring the cohort I’m in as well – and a man who loves me more than Imdeserve to be loved. So, like you I count my blessings and keep the eternal fire of hope burning in my heart. I’m thinking it’s the physical contact I miss the most, yet, acknowledging that all this is finite. Tomorrow will come. I just hope that I will be here to see it. Hope that I will be able to see you again. One more time. And that’s when my tears fall. I love you mimijk. I have since we were 13. Nothing can take that from me. Stay safe. Please keep the karma truck on the road.

    1. Forget the typos – I almost failed typing and I was only 13!! We will see each other again – there’s no doubt. And I know with certainty that you and Ben are going to thrive. Smile, my dear friend…you are loved, you are safe and this will pass…xoxo

  5. sounds like you are doing all the right things, and know that we are all here with you, even if some of us are there just in spirit.

  6. Oh, I so disagree. Such an amazing (and perhaps only) coping mechanism these days. Love your post Mimi.

    “…instead I’m looking at puppies on Instagram.

    Hardly a coping mechanism.”

  7. Puppies are always good for heart and soul. 💗 The rest is up to us to get our heads around. And we all can. We will find a new norm and routine. In the meantime the interim sucks. We are challenged and stymied in our conditioned ways. Come back to the love and appreciation. That is the way forward. 🙏
    p.s. you know this is our Karma truck right ….

  8. Wonderful post, Mimi. I was reading this, nodding my head because I, too, am NOT reading those books, organising my files, cleaning my house, doing “proper” things and a instead taking short walks, looking and participating on Instagram, FB, writing short stories…
    Mind you, I imagine a rhythm will establish itself as my work is closed until further notice so I can only putz around so long!

    1. I think we are legitimately re-defining what is ‘proper’! And of course you’re right, a new rhythm is on its way – so why rush it?😉

  9. A beautiful post Mimi. I have been an infrequent visitor to blogging the past 3 years as I went back to University (online). However, I have been drawn back the last few weeks as I am seeking some words of wisdom to keep my sanity through this calamity which is like no other I have ever experienced in my entire life. I was so thrilled to find that you were still blogging (or have come back to it). I am so sorry to hear you had not been well and I wish you the best of recoveries. My thoughts are with you as your country is fighting a much greater battle than we are here in Australia. Nevertheless, I am in isolation all the same and cannot see my children and grand-children. So I am looking towards the blue skies of the future. Take care.

    1. Elizabeth, hi! What a joy to see your words this morning – I’m so happy to hear that so far, you and your family are well, despite the enforced distance. There are so few word that can even come close to comfort during this time – for we are all flying without a map and hoping that we land someplace secure. Thank you for stopping by, thank you for thinking of me, and please, please stay well…

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