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Month: March 2020

Not My Words, Though In My Heart

This echoes throughout my heart… Incredibly written for us all…❤️ The acclaimed Italian novelist Francesca Melandri, who has been under lockdown in Rome for almost three weeks due to the Covid-19 outbreak, has written a letter to fellow Europeans “from your future”, laying out the range of emotions people are likely to go through over the coming weeks. I am writing to you from Italy, which means I am writing from your future. We are now where you will be in a few days. The epidemic’s charts show us all… Read more Not My Words, Though In My Heart

What Are You Doing?

Hi my friend, Well, here I sit – as overwhelmed and stymied, nudgy and confused as are we all. I should be maximizing this time – pouring over the classics that I have sworn to read again (not to mention the number of books I have downloaded to my Kindle), writing you far more frequently than I have been, organizing the pantry… …instead I’m looking at puppies on Instagram. Hardly a coping mechanism. I’m trying to FaceTime with my kids and granddaughters, fretting that the proximity matters little. I’m cooking… Read more What Are You Doing?