And There You Have It

Hi my friend,

How has your week been so far? Are you finding time to check in with yourself as the driving beat of daily have-to’s increases as the holidays near? Come sit for a minute – I think you’ll appreciate this.

So, I have re-entered the world of exercise – or rather, a modest introduction to the concept of movement. It was quite depressing at the outset, with all these modifications being made for she–who-cannot-bend. I’d alternate between sensing a whiff of possibility in the air and then catch a tear slipping down my cheek, for I couldn’t help but wonder when the hell I became incapable of doing the most mundane stuff?

Anyway, cut to Saturday when I met the trainer for a Pilates session – just me, her and the reformer. No accommodations but for my height (let it go, Kanigan). It was fantastic! Each discreet movement reminded my body that it can still engage – and even suggested that there were some muscles I had yet to meet. In the midst of this delight, Christy said to me “Isn’t it great? You’re feeling your power again. Consider this past year AFGO.”

And what, may I ask is that?

Christy told me about the elderly grandmother of someone she once knew who referred to every plot twist in life as AFGO (Another F–king Growth Opportunity). After laughing at the visual this prompted (white bun, rocking chair, orthopedic shoes…), I delighted in the way it tweaked my thought process.

Most of life doesn’t happen as we plan – there are arguably more times when we have to adjust our thinking to the reality presented. How nimble we are depends upon our state of mind far more than our ability to physically bob and weave. Shaking my head and smiling, I considered the impressive number of growth opportunities I’ve had, while hoping for gazillion more. I welcome most of them – after all, I’m learning to be nimble. I do Pilates.

Have a good day, ok?


22 thoughts on “And There You Have It”

  1. Mimi be nimble, Mimi be quick, Mimi continues to jump that f…Ing candlestick. I’m proud of you, and so happy that you’re flexing not only the muscles in your arms and legs, but your cerebral muscle as you delve into blogging again. Go baby go!

  2. I am so tickled that you are finding the Pilates palliative, sweet friend. I’ve always enjoyed it, as I find that it demands commitment of both mind and body and, as you are discovering, reminds you how remarkable both instruments can be. 🙂

    I also love the idea of ‘AFGO.’ As I know you know, so much of the way we process things depends on perspective, and I, for one, am constantly working to adjust mine. 😉 You had a year, sweetie, but blessedly you are back, and I have a hunch this next chapter is gonna be killer…in all the best ways. You. Are. Loved.

  3. Good morning sweet pea — I agree with Andy! How spoiled are we that you are back on line articulating about our daily challenges in a way in which we all wish we could. There is nothing better than waking up on the west coast to a post from you! AFGO — the perfect acronym and easy to remember! You are a rock star in so many ways — health, wife, mother, sister, and for me adored friend. Keep the prose coming. XO Kathy

  4. Yes, and there we have it…………………
    I am not sure what it is…………………..
    Ok, ok I have no bloody idea what it is, I thought it was, well sex but I expect I am wrong

  5. Glad you’re back. More importantly, so glad you’re doing better. Strong enough to write. I am thrilled. No one quite prepares you for the inevitable disconnect between your body and you’re brain. As in my brain thinks I’m much younger than my body. AFGO, I love it.

  6. yes, we can never really plan on anything in life, except that it will change in ways we do not expect. the reformer is the perfect name in more ways than one.

  7. All I have to say is that, I am late to the party, but my arrival was apparently timed just right for me…you were EXACTLY what I needed this evening. Thank you my friend. And, if I were a gambling woman, my money would be on you (and not the reformer)!

      1. It is. Just one of those nights – parenting a teenager is not without its challenges…and highs and lows…
        And you are beyond right..serendipity at its best.

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