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Some Days Define Magic and Miracles and Stardust

May I introduce you to Sienna Reese – the most perfect daughter of my son and daughter-in-law.  This little girl was made in love and born in love (with a powerful dose of determination, grit and strength on her mommy’s part) and is welcomed to the world with a full heart from so many – including this new grandmother.


There are no words for experiences like this…they get caught in the throat and can’t be fully formed.  Ironically,  I came across this post from The Story People, and it felt right for today.  To rediscover that place.  Perhaps I was never more at home than when I was holding my children against me.  Welcome home precious child, welcome home

courtesy of The Story People
courtesy of The Story People

114 thoughts on “Some Days Define Magic and Miracles and Stardust”

  1. Congratulations, Mims!! Much love and best wishes to the new parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles. Big, big hugs!

  2. Oh Dear Blessed little one! Congratulations seems such a small word for such a magnificent occasion. Welcome to the world Sienna Reese, and welcome Mim, to the perfect blend of motherly love…being a grandmother! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. xoxoxo

      1. I know the feeling well…and that silly grin you have on your face right now? Yeah, that one….get used to it!!! lol…love you

  3. Ahhhh, honey, so, so, so happy for you and yours!! Little Sienna is an absolutely beautiful babe, and as Andy says, she will ride on a crest of love throughout her days. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy that tissue soft skin, that delicate breath, that precious warmth, those sweet little sighs and coos, that little bundle of pure, unsullied love…. Love you so….Xox, l

  4. Mazel Tov, Mimi!! Beautiful baby, with a beautiful name. And a beautiful grandma, as well. Welcome to the club…there is nothing better in this world.

    1. Thank you Helaine!! I know the total joy and love you and Jordy have for each other – I look forward to making memories with this little girl too..

  5. Congratulations, Mimi! Little Sienna is one lucky lady to have a Grandma like you! Enjoy every minute!! Christine xo

      1. It all is a wonder! My little wonder is the size of a kidney bean now. Her mama doesn’t feel so great, and yes, I do it’s a girl, but she’s bearing up. I hearken back to the days of carrying her and her twin brother my womb. Wasn’t that just yesterday?

    1. As you note, it’s a feeling like no other – I could hold her for a lifetime and not feel like I held her enough..ANd it will happen in your future too – I know it..

  6. My friend, if every child born were lucky enough to be as loved as I know you already love this beautiful girl, I’m convinced the world would be a completely different place. What a fun new journey this will be for you and Andy, Jerry and I couldn’t be happier for you! We will have many fashionista shopping trips in our future!

  7. This was lovely and you look too young to be a grandmother! Your sweet Sienna is adorable and I pray her life will be beautiful and inspiring to others. I just know you, your hubby, son and daughter in law will be wound around her baby finger!

    1. She already has me totally wrapped!! And thank you for thinking I look too young for this role – somehow sixty is feeling better than it did before…:-)

  8. Congratulations, Mimi. I’m very happy for your son, DIL, and you. Birth is a miracle and a new beginning for the parents and grandparents. May your grandchild be blessed with good health and much happiness.

    1. Exactly!! Rocking my babies and holding on to them forever with love (but not tight enough to limit them or strangle them or anything.. 😉 )..xo

  9. Gorgeous gorgeous picture. Frame that right now–such beauty in you both. Congratulations to your son and daughter-in-law and also to you, Gma Mimi 🙂 So glad all went well. Welcome to little Miss Sienna.

    1. Thank you Liz – we are all over the moon. I hate to negotiate with my husband for ‘holding time’ yesterday.. 🙂 The new parents are absolutely fantastic – in every way..

  10. dear Mimi,

    I am so thrilled for you!!! Baby Sienna is nothing short of delicious – and there are layers and layers of that deliciousness still to be discovered. the joy of seeing your children become parents while you and your husband become doting Grandparents is such a heavenly delight. enjoying and savoring every precious moment, as I know you are is akin to being on the most fabulous holiday celebrating this beautiful creation of Love and Life – and it just gets better and better!

    much Love,


    1. Karen, your comments so warmed my already happy heart…’Layers and layers of deliciousness still to be discovered’ – I have no doubt. I cannot wipe this smile that is etched into my heart – and wouldn’t even think of trying to do so! Love, m

  11. I always smile when I hear from a new grandmother! Each new arrival (whether by birth or marriage) has been such a blessing in our lives. I just took off 2 days from my million hours a week job to take care of my 20 month old grandson. I was contented to just watch and play with him all day – what a treat. I hope you have many, many days like this. We are awaiting our 9th grandchild, another granddaughter and so excited. It never gets old.

    1. Thank you Bill…she is beautiful..and yesterday she spent a good part of the day awake and I had a chance to look into those gorgeous, myopic eyes.. 🙂

  12. Congratulations! And your life will never, ever be the same…so much more love will fill your heart than you ever imagined possible. My two very young grandchildren mean the world to me. Enjoy that beautiful baby.

    1. Boris has never been exhausted for a better reason – and he’s doing an unbelievable job as a new daddy. This mother-of-Boris could not be prouder.

  13. I’m kinda jonesing for some fresh Sienna Reese pics. Share the love g-ma! Let up in the hugs for long enough to click the little button on your smart phone…. 😉

  14. Mimi, today I nominated you for a writing / photo challenge. Don’t feel you have to take up the challenge!
    However, I wanted to acknowledge your cyber-friendship to me as you were one of my early followers of my blog. I remember how excited I was when you first start commenting on my blog and how supported I felt.
    I hope all is OK with you in your part of the world. Best wishes.

  15. What wonderful news!!! Sorry I am late in the reading of this, but I am so happy to hear the good news. I hope all is grandly well with your family and the beautiful new being who has been lovingly greeting into the world. Embrace those snuggles and breath it all in – true joy!

  16. Just perfect, the post, the grand kid, the joy, all of it. I know the feeling. We have one grandson and I’m pretty sure the sun rises and sets on the boy. In our home, anyway. I didn’t yearn for grandparenthood, but I’m pretty sure I love the club anyway. Hey, if nothing else, it gave me a new idea for a book! 🙂

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