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On The Occasion Of Master Bogart’s 1st Birthday

Well, the Boge-meister turned a year old this week.  We’ve been looking forward to this day for about ten months now, confident that with each passing month, Bogey would mature a little, learn a bit more and begin to show signs of the amazing young guy he is destined to be.  By his first birthday we were sure he would be knighted as the third “Sir” of the Round Table.


Let’s just say some puppies advance more quickly than others.

His Aunt Lori calls him ‘her little nugget’ – her love for him is one of his redeeming qualities.    The truth is that there are nuggets rolling around in Bogey’s brain, like the numbered orbs in a power ball machine.  Very few thoughts translate into a logical sequence of actions with this little guy.  Jo has offered to put together a behavior management program for him.  I’m thinking of taking her up on it.

He occasionally knows his name, although this is a variable occurrence unless treats are involved.

We think he hears voices.

None of them are ours.

There is something under the bed (the carpet) that inspires low growls and threats.  The ripple created by the pool filter is reason enough to howl menacingly into the darkness (from behind my legs – one mustn’t take unnecessary risks after all).  He debates with golems in his sleep; the golems win.



He has finally potty-trained us – as long as Andy remembers the 9:00PM walk.  Should he forget, all bets are off.

I will say that Bogey is highly verbal, engaging in various conversations with real and/or imagined characters whether awake or asleep.  He has learned that if he whines incessantly (and it really is a whine), the Sirs will forego any toy with which they are playing, and let him have it, so that they may enjoy a little peace.  He may be a little short of brain cells, but he knows how to manipulate a crowd.

He is ridiculously cute – despite his apparent lack of smarts.  And he adores Andy.  In truth, wherever Andy goes, Bogey is right there.  Andy is besotted and looks at Bogey adoringly while often commenting, “he’s going to be a terrific dog when he grows up a bit”.  Um…ok sweetie, whatever you say.

When we drive up to the mountains, Master Bogey sits up front with Andy.  I sit in the back with the Sirs.  Never looking out the side window, or sticking his little head out to catch a breeze, he sits straight and looks at the road ahead, focused on…well, nothing probably.  Occasionally he checks in with those of us in coach, sniffing with a certain snobbery I don’t find all that becoming.


Earlier this week, we sang “Happy Birthday” to our baby dog, and as he began jumping up and down, I felt this urge to break into “You’ve Got To Fight For The Right To Party”.  He is definitely a party dude.  I’ve always been a James Taylor kinda girl.  Sigh…

And yet, as I write this he’s asleep on my foot.  He leaps and pounces with a complete lack of grace.  He loves everyone he meets – arguably more than they may want to be loved.  Teddy cleans Bogey’s face with affection and Bogey in turn licks Archie’s face diligently.  They’re a pack.  They’re my fur-guys.  And I guess we were due for a little crazy.

with one of our grand-dogs Henry...
with one of our grand-dogs Henry…

73 thoughts on “On The Occasion Of Master Bogart’s 1st Birthday”

  1. Ahhhh, the Boge-meister, Bogeyman, my little nugget. He’s absolutely correct, his Aunt Lori loves him without reservation. Admittedly, he does sometimes appear to be one steak knife short of a full set, and yet…. How can you not love that adorable little mug? Short answer? Not possible. He’ll claim his seat at the high table eventually, mom, even if he has to climb OVER Archie and Teddy to get there… 🙂 Happy Birthday, buddy… Xoxoxo, l

      1. I’m sure he is. My almost 3 yr old lab is still puppyish. I noticed you have a Westy. We have a naked 12 years old and he’s an old grouch now. Lol. Have a great day!!!

  2. He is so precious! He sounds a little like my cat Morgan. She is coming up on 2 later this year and isn’t anywhere near adulthood. I wouldn’t say she is slow though. Her thoughts are always centered on “how can I get these dudes to do what I want!” Sooooo…..good luck.

  3. Happy Birthday Master Bogart! That cuteness thing is working out really well for you. Who can’t love that little face? Impossible! And you could hardly call yourselves a family if at least one member wasn’t vaguely weird and none-too-bright. That’s the definition of family…

    1. Laughing – so fact I think in my family that was me – until Bogey came along. I guess I should be more grateful that he’s here! 😉

  4. What a light hearted and heart warming post. Bogey sounds simply adorable …. how can you resist that face 🙂
    He reminds me of our Dllly-meister, also known as Diweeee (Dilys is a welsh terrier) Still crazy and adorable after 3 years … but we think she’s slowing down a bit …
    Correction … we hope she is slowing down a bit.
    Such happy circumstance to have found your blog!

  5. It sounds like Master Bogey has all the nuggets of smarts he needs to get along just swimmingly with his family (and get exactly what he wishes). 🙂 Such a cutie. Please tell him I say happy birthday.

  6. You had me at, “Let’s just say some puppies advance more quickly than others.” Thank you for the delightful post. Your narrative was wonderful and photos are adorable! You brought laughter and smiles to my day.

    1. Thanks Beth – and he really does (he gets this very faraway look on his face and then barks for no reason).. He’s a trip – a happy one.

  7. Perhaps because I, too, am besotted by the third of your furry boys, the visuals painted by your words made me laugh out loud. Happy Birthday to all of you. What a great way to end an already wonderful day. What a poignant singing of words to describe that – and I’m taking poetic liberties here – “all pets are gifted, some just open their presents at different paces. Bogey-boy is still a pup. He’ll keep us all young 🙂

    1. Of that Jo, there is no doubt. Bogey doesn’t ‘do’ the old person thing – you’re either in his game or he’s yanking you into his game. Those are the choices. xox

  8. You never disappoint, Memes, dearie…this post is eye candee-lishus–and the story that accompanies could be in a woman’s magazine. really well put together. Feel good without the syrup…Goldielocks would have stopped right here.

    That last shot made me want to reach in and scoop him up! Whadda face!!!

    1. He is all that and more Karen believe me – that face has saved him from a lot of time-outs and has given us many opportunities to just laugh..
      I’m glad you liked the post!

  9. OH My GOODNESS!! That last photo, seriously captures it all. Your tribute to Bogey is beyond perfection, nuggets and powerballs and all. Makes me want to just rub that belly and give him a few treats. 🙂 Happy happy birthday Bogey, where does the time go?? xoxo

    1. He’s a lot bigger than when you last saw him BonBon – but no wiser. He’s a dog unto himself – our unique nutty buddy..xoxo

  10. Love the photos you included – they really go hand-in-hand with your tribute.
    Furry friends add a completely different dimension to family dynamics, don’t they? 🙂

  11. Mimi, I can read the love between every line. 🙂 I’m with Andy. Bogie is going to be one fine dog when he grows up. Ellie B ran away every time she found one square inch of the freedom of daylight the first year and a half of her life with us, my friend. We had to get a new backyard fence to plug the holes at the bottom, never leave the kitchen main door open because she’d run through the screen, yell at anybody entering our house “shut the door” as she went sprinting. And we’d go a-chasing through the neighborhood and she never answered our calls. Only Pupperoni’s reigned in her free spirit.

    But then before the second birthday, she stopped running. And started coming when called sometimes. And loving our hugs. But keeping that spirit, too.

    Happy No. 1, Bogart!

    I love the photo on your shoulder, by the way.

    1. He is really the crazy that the other two dogs needed – and so did we. As silly as he is, and as much air as we think is flowing between his ears, he really will be a terrific guy when he grows up a bit. Right now he’s just all klutziness and cluelessness – but loveable regardless. It sounds like Ellie B put you two through your paces too – and I know how much you love that girl…
      That pic of Bogey on my shoulder? Rockin’ the baby to sleep of course..

      1. Awwww! Sleepy-bye baby-pie. Some dogs just take longer to grow into themselves than other dogs. It seems like you and hubby know that Bogey has the good bones, as they say, Mimi. Ellie B sure rewarded the patience of Karen and I.

  12. A great post! For all of their faults and failings, you just can’t beat having a dog (or two) in your life. We have two puppies that give us fits occasionally, but we too are sure (hopeful?) that they will settle down…eventually! 🙂

    1. We couldn’t imagine our lives without our fur-kids..They definitely can give us a run for the money – and sometimes we raise the white flag – but with love always!

    1. Laughing…she’s already 218lbs??? This the puppy? After Bogey would bark and annoy her terribly, ultimately he’d end up on his back.

      1. Mattie is our three year old Mastiff. Misha, the Newfoundland pup, is now 95# at 9 months.We have all three rings working now . . .

  13. oh mims i remember when you got him! as if he is one already! how time flies and yet how adorable^_^ how could anyone not fall in love with such and adorable beautiful face he has, and yes i know the feeling we now have a japanese chin who we a are quite sure has no brain whatsoever we have decided she keeps but a small fluffy cloud in the space where her brain should be and though she has no thought patterns about anything ever she is just so adorable that it will never matter that she will never be housetrained or that she will always walk into walls and sit right on top of ozzy my rather patient chihuahua, she is technically another rescue which yes i know i said no more rescues i just couldn’t leave her! one look and i was in love every bit as much as you love dear bogey and the sirs these furbabies of ours may make us trip over and clean more messes than we ever thought possible but those eyes win us over every time ^_^ a huge hug to all your furbabies and hugs and love to you as well xx

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